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NPC: Strajer

Location: Portland

Coordinates: 217, 122

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. All Oiled Up

Hired by Neald, the mayor of Portland, to help ensure the safety of the city.


Speak the Words

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You see a well built human, probably in his forties. By the EL-DB.comway he look and walks, you guess he is some sort of warrior.

Who are you?
I am Strajer. What brings you to Portland?

It's actually jobs. I've been hired by Nyeald to make sure the city is a safe place. So I guess I am sort of the police force of the town *he smiles*. But I do other things too, like checking the ships cargo to make sure there is no illegal stuff in there. Another job of mine is keeping the street lights working.

Portland is a port city, which means that a lot of people come and go every day. Most of them are good people, but there are some troublemakers among them. Usually they are not a big problem, you know, some fights at the tavern, maybe some pick pocketing, or some small smuggling. But there are some persistent ones here too, who make my job so much fun. What would I do without them?

Hmm, let's see. We have Bob, Sloan and his buddies, and then every once in a while a skeleton or two come out of the titanium mine, seeking vengeance. Or perhaps they just like to randomly kill people, no one knows for sure. But now days they learned their lesson, if they come out I am going to kill them all, again, so it's been a while since they last 'visited' us. I almost miss them. Just Kidding.

He is a loanshark, lending people money and charging really high interest rates. That's not illegal, because they sign a contract, but I have a problem when his 'associates', as he calls them intimidate people who are late with the payment. Before I was hired, there were a few incidents where they actually beat up some people, but after I exchanged a few 'words' with them, which is an euphemism for beating

the crap out of Helga and Karnak, they stopped actually attacking people, although they still act all though, as if they are running the town. Some people are still scared by them, but as long as I am here, they are harmless little lambs. So if you ever get to talk to them, don't let them fool you with their macho talk. If they threaten you, just come to me, I am looking for an excuse to beat them up again.

Bob the gob, as the locals call him, is our resident Goblin. While he leaves most of the people alone, sometimes he will attack weaker people, and that doesn't reflect too well on our city. I killed a few times, but with the Mortos Curse, he keeps coming back to life, so we kind of gave up hunting him down. We now sort of adopted him, and the residents here consider him a normal part of Portland.

Titanium Mine
The mine is full of undead creatures. Many years ago it was exploited by the Idaloran Mining company, and it was always full of workers. Titanium was then, as it is now, in high demand. But one day there was a big explosion, and all the workers died. They all became undead, and still roam the mine today. With the exception of their foreman, Glont, they are all mindless creatures, randomly attacking people.

I don't know much about it, but from what I heard it was caused by the methane accumulated in the mine. I think some of their explosives exploded too, compounding the problem. If you wish to find out more, go there and talk to Glont, the ex foreman. He is the only friendly skeleton that I know of. But mind the others, they are less nice than him. If get attacked there, I won't be able to rescue you.

He is the mayor of Portland. A really nice, hard working guy who wants the best for his city. And I am not just saying that because he hired me. You see, a lot of people would like to hire me, but I chose the job very carefully. I do not want my reputation to be damaged. I know Nyeald for many years, and he is a very trust worthy person.

Illegal Stuff
Hard drugs, exotic animals, even slaves. The vast majority of this stuff comes from the pirates, and we are trying our best to put a stop to this bullshit. Unfortunately though, we don't have a navy, so if we are to ever end the piracy it would have to be a joint effort of the whole Seridia, and probably Irlion as well. And of course, we must first find the pirate base.

Street Lights
Most people like to have their streets lit at night, but they assume that those lights are magic or something, and they just work. The truth is, they are oil based, so the oil burns, which means it needs to be replaced every few days. And the oil doesn't burn by itself, it needs wick, which has to be replaced too. And all the smoke turns the glass black, so, you guessed it, it needs to be cleaned.

It's not that I want to brag, but I am one of the best fighters in Draia. And not only that, but almost all of my former employers have only good things to say about me. I am working in the security field ever since the great war ended. The last job I had was a similar position in Corren, but after their great new leader, mayor Kalana was elected, the shit hit the fan so I had to leave.

The day I quit my job as the Corren police guy, Nyeald contacted me and asked me if I wanted this job. He had a hard time keeping thing under control, especially because of my dear friend Mr. Sloan, who getting bolder and bolder. Sure enough, I didn't even have time to arrange the stuff on my desk, that Sloan visited me, asking to work with him. I refused, of course, so next day his thugs paid me a visit.

In my whole life I didn't hear so much bullshit. They were telling me how Sloan runs the city, and how they broke so many bones, and that if I don't listen to their boss they will break some of my bones too. I told them to get out of my office right now, and Karnak wasn't very happy with my polite request, so he jumped at me. I punched him in the throat and the next second he was checking out the carpets.

Helga reached for her sword, but she quickly put it back when I smiled at her and said: "Come with that shit any closer, and you are going to swallow it". She just picked Karnak from the floor and left. Later that day, Sloan came to me and apologized. I told him that if I hear of any violence caused by him, he will be banished from the city, and all his gold confiscated as a fine.

Shit hit the fan
Ever been to Desert Pines? Corren used to be a full of nice, hardworking people. Three years ago, they had an election, and Kalana won. In a blatant act of nepotism, she picked her brother, Golric, to become the town sheriff. You see, Kalana wanted to change a lot of things, and I did not consent to her changes. She jacked up the taxes to the point that some people became homeless.

Her brother, the mighty new sheriff, started acting like King Shit of the Mountain Fuck. Sort of like Sloan, except that he was picked by an elected official. I am not sure if you talked to him, but he takes his role very seriously, so to say. I got into a few 'disagreements' with him and I decided that I am not really wanted in there, so I just resigned. I feel a little bad for the people of Corren,

because most of them hate all the corruption and taxes that Kalana brought, but it was a democratic vote. Next time they probably should think more before putting the vote in. If there will be a next election, that is.

See you around. If there are any problems, let me know.