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NPC: Stryker

Location: Valley of the Dwarves Ancient Temple

Coordinates: 107, 69

Chief of Security for King Gondric, protecting the gold miners.


Speak the Words

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*Appearing ready to block your path, this sturdy dwarf as though he has seen lots of combat.* You need something?

Who are you?
I'm Stryker, King Gondric's Chief of Security. How can I help you?

King Gondric
King Gondric Mithrilfist is the king of all Seridian dwarves and gnomes by popular acclaim. He's a natural born leader and his people love him dearly. Some people think it's the gold mines that make him popular, but I don't think he cares that much about the gold. He's always thinking about others, trying to make things better for them.

Security for what?
You haven't heard? King Gondric, bless his heart, is trying to find a way to provide healthcare for all Seridian dwarves and gnomes. It has caused a huge influx of people wanting to help. The other night, when we were talking about it at a party, I got him to agree to include my security crew members who are not dwarves. The only way I can think of to pay for the healthcare is to increase gold mining production.

Word about this plan has spread far and wide, faster than an invasion. Some people seem happy about it, others aren't. Me and my security crew are here to protect the miners from the lovely ladies walking around here as well as from interlopers.

Who is wanting to help?
All sorts of people. Circe wants her people to be the healthcare providers, but she's in competition with Vaeamo who wants his potions to be the healthcare source. Ingrid wants her people to be paid for the essences Circe needs and wants her to be the provider. Circe and Vaeamo may be willing to share, but each wants a share greater than the other! Gemma just wants more gold available on the market for tailoring

things. Nestor hates the idea of more gold on the market, afraid it will devalue rings and things, but Galen is the most adamant opponent of this plan considering all the resources this will deplete from the environment. Gerund seems to be in favor of the idea. His friend Aelric gave him some ideas to provide protective gear for the miners, but he's going to need money for the project.

Aelric has some wild idea of building a huge machine to dig the gold out of the ground. On top of it all, Circe and Ingrid are wanting me and my crew to secure the silver ore supply in MorEL-DB.comcraven Marsh in order to have a guaranteed supply. That's going to be expensive too. Anyway, it's a lot of people involved in this and if anyone knows more about it, it's got to be Megera.

It was just a social gathering. Lots of mead, ale, you know. Anyway, in the middle of this party right after the King and I were talking about my fighters, in walks this human man. He seemed harmless enough, but practically quick as lightning, he attacked the King and knocked him out. Now, from the look on his face, I don't think he meant it, but I rallied the dwarves and we set out after him when he ran off.

I still haven't found him to question him, but King Gondric has already forgiven him. He said it was an accident. I figure we must have scared the poor guy off, though. He may still be running for all I know. Anyway, it made for a memorable event.

A friend of mine, Nolida, is one of the people who is on the fence about this. On the one hand she's going to get free healthcare, but on the other, it is from the miners' labor that this will be paid for and she wants to make sure she and the other miners are not exploited. At the same time, she doesn't want people who disagree with her to be able to extract gold either.

She feels that the miners in her group are more skilled and knowledgeable about working down there and that they are able to mine the gold more efficiently. Basically, only people in her group should do it.

She's King Gondric's cousin. Megera 'Tightfist' is King Gondric's treasurer. She's the one who always has to figure out how to make King Gondric's plans happen. I would not want to be in her shoes right now, that's for sure.

Ahh - that's just a nickname I have for her. Forget you heard it. It's just that when it comes to money, she holds on tight. For example, I went to her last week with several reports of lost property happening in the mines and caves. I don't have extra people who can stop what they're doing just to look for a thief and she refused to provide funding for me to hire the work out.

It's forgotten.
Thank you, friend. Was there anything else? *You shEL-DB.comake your head no.* Alright then. Please move along.

It seems there have been acts of thieving across the dwarven kingdom. I would seek out Custan, the leader of the militia. He's stationed in Nordcarn. He's had to deal with theft more than I have.

Be careful, it's dangerous around here.