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NPC: Sylpho

Location: White Stone Temple of Selain

Coordinates: 353, 333

Type: Priest

High Priest for the summoning goddess Selain.

He will also provide ethereal points for bones with the Bones to Mana option, which will give 80 mana for 50 bones in your inventory.


Speak the Words

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Welcome, [PLEL-DB.comAYER NAME]!
S-s-so you s-s-seek the knowledge of the Temple Lodge of Selain, says a hooded man with a hissing voice. I am Sylpho. What can I do for you?

I want to serve Selain!
Burn, are you sure you want to join Selain? He is a hard to please god. At the beginning, you'll be rank -2, so, until you are at least rank 0, you will lose summoning experience.

Please tell me more about Selain.
Power is in the hands of those who are ready to take it. Wealth means freedom to dominate and control lesser beings, and only Selain can fulfill those needs, as he is the EL-DB.commaster of control. If Mortos is the god of death, and if Aluwen is the goddess of life, then truly, Selain is more powerful as he holds the bridge between life and death!

To follow the path of Selain is to dare to seize opportunities; to be wealthier, smarter and better than all other beings. Selain's followers usually get more summoning experience, depending on their rank. Selain's enemies are Aluwen, the goddess of Defense, and Glilin, the god of Manufacturing.

Bones to mana
(A service provided that will convert 50 bones to 80 ethereal points.)

Go forth and s-s-summon!