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NPC: Tabitha

Location: Palon Vertas

Coordinates: 335, 264

A student at the Palon Vertas Magic School, practicing water magic northeast of the city.


Speak the Words

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You see a twenty-something girl sitting next to the river. As you get closer, you notice two figurines made out of water EL-DB.comdancing upon the rivers surface. By the movement of the girl's hands, you are able to deduce she is a mage of some sorts.

Who are you?
*The girl jumps, and the water figures lose their form and converge back into the river.* Wow, you scared me! I didn't even hear you coming. My name is Tabitha. Nice to meet you. *She nods her head in greeting.*

Did you make those figures?
*Tabitha blushes slightly.* Why yes, I did. Just practicing my water magic a bit, you see. I'm a student at the Palon Vertas Magic School, practicing to be a master water mage.

Magic School
*She stands up and points to the west.* Do you see the red glow on the mountain range at the far corner of the region? That is the entrance to the magic school. If you want to explore it, head over in that direction. You'll just have to get past Mihalik first. The school itself is known for training water mages, and students travel from all over the world to learn. Luckily for me, I didn't travel far.

He is a graduate of the school, and he sticks around and works for Grandmaster Osreng now. He is the first line of defense for the school, and is constantly monitoring who enters and who exits. If he senses something is wrong, he will bar you from entering the school.

Didn't travel far
I was born and raised here in Palon Vertas, specifically in Treesoar Village. So unlike most of the students, I still live at home rather than inside the school. I like the community too much, despite its flaws, to just desert it entirely.

Treesoar Village
It's a small, quaint village just to the south of here. It has a lot of character, and gets a lot of interesting visitors. You see, Zirakinbar's border is in Treesoar Village, so when I was growing up, I came across a lot of Dwarves and heard all the news of Zirakinbar. The tavern is also located in Treesoar, and Thom, the barkeep, always has a knack for attracting an interesting crowd.

There are so many wonderful people who make their home in Palon Vertas, like Alex and Ellia. They are brother and sister, and they both played a crucial part in the defense of Palon Vertas during the GEL-DB.comreat War. And of course there is Lauren. She is a very talented archer, and we grew up together here. We've been best friends since we were 4! Don't let her tough exterior fool you, she's a sweetheart.

Well, every place has its bad seeds. And our bad seeds are Miron, Cozma, and Cedric. Miron and Cozma both are miners in the southern cave, but I believe their mining practices are detrimental to our water system. Cedric sees their practices as a problem, too, but he's too much of a prick for anyone to listen to him. Cedric is the type of dwarf who likes to cause controversy for the sake of causing controversy.

Water system
Well the water here in the river seems clean, in terms of appearance, but something is off about it. I sense magic, but my water magic isn't strong enough to detect anything more. Perhaps I should schedule a meeting with Master Osreng and see what he thinks about it.

Why aren't you practicing in the school?
*She shrugs.* I have a hard time bonding with a lot of the other students. They look down at me for being a local, and think I'm inferior because of that. Like Bonnie... she's a student from Tarsengaard who thinks she's the greatest mage ever. She's picked on me since day one. But since I'm familiar with the area, I prefer to wander around and practice on my own.

Water mage
While I am practicing general magic spells, I'm most talented in water manipulation magic. When you know what your calling is, you need to follow it, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

Like I said, she's a local girl, like me. And she also trains with Grandmaster Osreng at the Magic School, though she doesn't specialize in water magic. She's a very talented summoner, far more advanced than the other students. She's not regularly enrolled, like I am, but she is still well known throughout the school for her skills.

See you around!
*She waves goodbye, and starts practicing her water magic again.*