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NPC: Tankel

Location: Morcraven Marsh

Coordinates: 292, 242

Type: Repairs

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Repair Quest

Formerly the blacksmith of Morcraven Marsh, he continues to reside there with his daughter, doing chance repair work on lower level armors and weapons.


Repairs 13 items

Bring the damaged item to the NPC and the gc. You have the chance shown that the NPC will repair it, otherwise it will break and you lose it.

Damaged Crown of Life Damaged Crown of Life60% chance3,000
Damaged Crown of Mana Damaged Crown of Mana60% chance3,000
Damaged Iron Cuisses Damaged Iron Cuisses60% chance1,300
Damaged Iron Greave Damaged Iron Greave60% chance1,300
Damaged Iron Plate Mail Damaged Iron Plate Mail60% chance1,500
Pre-owned Serpent Sword Pre-owned Serpent Sword50% chance500
Pre-owned Titanium Axe Pre-owned Titanium Axe60% chance2,100
Pre-Owned Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword Pre-Owned Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword70% chance300
Second Hand Titanium Chain Mail Second Hand Titanium Chain Mail60% chance700
Second Hand Titanium Long Sword Second Hand Titanium Long Sword60% chance400
Steel Axe Steel Axe60% chance1,800
Used Iron Axe Used Iron Axe60% chance1,500
Used Steel Two Edged Sword Used Steel Two Edged Sword80% chance100

Speak the Words

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You notice and old, but happy man. As he hears yEL-DB.comour footsteps, he rises his head and greets you:
"Hello, [PLAYER NAME]."

How do you know my name?
Well, your name is above your head.
BTW, if you don't want to see smart replies like this, you can type: "#humor" to toggle the humor on/off.

Goddamn, you ruined all my RPing >:(
Ok, ok! I knew your name because you are such a mighty warrior that we all have a picture of you in our office, and we sing songs about you in schools. Quite like Ceausescu...

Oh, ok, makes sense
I knew this would satisfy j00 :)

My name iEL-DB.coms Tankel.

Up until recently, I was the blacksmith here, in Morcraven Marsh. But now I am getting old, and there are not many customers around.

Morcraven Marsh
Morcraven Marsh used to be a beautiful and prosperous place. But now things have changed. The swamp kept extending over the last century, and now most of the arable land are belong to the swamp. Many people moved out, to the nearby cities. Nevertheless, we still have the winery and the temple, and there are some rumors there is some methane gas deposit inside the swamp.

There are also two caves to the south. All in all, it is a beautiful place, but it lacks the life it once had. Sadly no one wants to build new homes here, and once we die it will become a complete ghost town...

The winery is South of here. It can be a dangerous place, but it's our last best hope for peace. Anyway, the winery is an important source of alcoholic beverage for the entire region, and its owners (Vesine and Latis) are very rich and respected people.

In the southwest, we have a temple for Glydoc, God of Combat. In the temple's main entrance hall, there are three doors. You must choose one, which will take you to one of three different locations, each with it's own trial you must pass. After you successfully finish, you will enter his tavern area where you will find his priest.

Originally it was quite small, but once the mighty spirit of the swamp bought some 'Herbal Swamp Enhancement Pills' from a spammer, and it grew 10 inches! Per second! For 2 days! That destroyed most of our arable land, and a lot of people had to move out due to the lack of food or work. It is really sad to see our once alive town in this state...

Methane (CH4) is an odorless, colorless, flammable gas that is the major constituent of natural gas and is used as a fuel and as an important source of hydrogen. Also cEL-DB.comalled marsh gas. A Whitestone owned mining company is doing some research about the profitability of a rig. If it does turn profitable, it might rejuvenate this place.

There are two caves. One is very small, and was the home of a hermit, while the other one is quite big. It has two entrances, one is SouthEast and the other is East. The large cave is rich in gold and sulphur, but there is also a small goblin clan roaming around, and they can be quite vicious creatures.

Yes, I used to be a blacksmith. My skill was repairing damaged weapons and armor. Making new ones was not my main interest, although I did make quite a few. A few years ago I sold my Portland shop and now I am enjoying the country life. I have other interests now, such as studying the wildlife.

She is feeling very fine now, thanks for asking. She said she might even start her own shop, soon.

Vesine is the original owner of the winery. She inherited it from her father, a long time ago. Her father was the most skilled wine maker across the land, and his daughter became just as good, if not better than him. She is a nice person, and apparently she has an attraction for Latis. But, of course, she doesn't admit it. Very proud girl, I'm telling you.

Latis was an apprentice to the winery. With time he became an invaluable asset to Vesine, and now he is the co-owner. I think she likes him, and I wouldn't be surprised if he reciprocates her feelings. Needless to say, it is their affair, and it's none of my concerns. But I do think they would make a nice couple.

Equipment Repair
What do you need repaired? [please unequip the items you need repaired before asking for repair]

(Nothing, )bye
Good luck in EL-DB.comyour journey.