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NPC: Tatu

Location: Desert Pines Crystal Caves

Coordinates: 108, 16

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Mule Daily

Miner of quartz for Harvey.


Speak the Words

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You see a HUGE SOB hunched over the white crystal in front of him. He seems to be studying it until you get closer and notice the substantial jug of ale he has each hand. Taking an absent-minded pull from each bottle, he glances up and spots you. From the wary expression on his face, you wonder if he'll be very helpful.

Ello. Not shposed to talk to strangers. Mr. Harvey don't like it. Says it sceers off his customers to see me in here. He looks you over uneasily, and then seems to make up his mind after a pull at the jug in his left hand. Name's Tatu. Pleased to meetcher.

Well I was a miner of the coal in mi homeland afore I got sent down ..... Now I just pick away at this here quartz. *He pauses and chuckles at his unintended pun.* It's alright. Folks mostly don't come this fer inta the mine and it pays fer mi brown friends here.

Are ya daft? Do I look like I came from these parts? Nae. So' Redmoon Isle is where I be born. Had to cross the biggest bit o' water, and we Orchans aren't real easy bein' cramped up in those flyin' things .. even iifn they look like they should be as big as dragons ... *He shudders and has a drink from the right-hand bottle.* That shoulda been punishin' enuf, but no...

It was just one o' them things. Our Fa' found me and Wert in the Tavern there after a bit of a skuffle. NO body calls MI Mam a bleedin' orc ... sheems I broke up the place a bit tho ... Busted up me hands pretty good and couldn't mine the coal no more. Fa' said that since I had a temper as sharp as crystals, that I might as well go mine them and sent me here to Mr. Harvey. *He lets off a hefty sigh.*

Mi boss, yesss. Lives down over the river so' a bit. Buys crystal and such. Tidy lil' business sellin' vials too. Not sure how he comes by them tho ... I mean, he tried to explain it ta me onct. Sumfin' about heatin' the min'ral and pourin' into a mold .... Didn't make much sense, but then agin most humans don't.

The Mine
Mmhmm nice enuf as mines go. Plenty fer all to go 'round. Course it's a longish walk from here to the Boss, and then longer back to see Roua in the Corren Tavern. Don't go much durin' the day. I hafta be careful. Smooshed a gnome once. Roua weren't too happy about losing that customer.

And haftin' to watch all these small ones scarperin' aboot ... I'll tell you shumfin' as ya appears to be a undertandin' type. *The crystal iEL-DB.comn front of you begins to vibrate. You're not sure if it's the rising panic in his voice or the strength of the ale fumes that is causing it.*

I've seen some of 'em approach the River and just vanish inta thin air ... Must be the alchmik stuff floatin' down from that temple up there. None o' that fer me tho. No Sirree. Hands might not be so good, but feet work fine.

Oddish place. Tons of flowers and ev'rythin' Must be to hide smells comin' from there. And late at night? There's this weird singing and flames dancing. Like a witches' howe I tell ya. Stay away from that place ifn you got the shense of an Orchan.

Eh, enuf of the small talk. I gots work ta do. *You ease away from the giant's range and think to yourself. 'Some days it doesn't pay to talk to strangers.'*