The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

NPC: Telia

Location: Nordcarn Telia's House

Coordinates: 146, 18

Type: Book Buyer

Buyer of many of the books that are randomly dropped by creatures.


Buys 140 items

Anitora Ring Building Anitora Ring Building300
Armor Construction Armor Construction50
Bethel Ring Building Bethel Ring Building400
Blue Quartz Mining Blue Quartz Mining35
Book of Advanced Alchemy Book of Advanced Alchemy10
Book of Advanced Potions Book of Advanced Potions10
Book of Anatomy Book of Anatomy10
Book of Axe Construction Book of Axe Construction1,000
Book of Bear Fighting Book of Bear Fighting100
Book of Bear Summoning Book of Bear Summoning500
Book of Boar Summoning Book of Boar Summoning20
Book of Crafting Potion Book of Crafting Potion300
Book of Cyclops Fighting Book of Cyclops Fighting1,000
Book of Death Essence Book of Death Essence20
Book of Dwarf Fighting Book of Dwarf Fighting2,000
Book of Elf Fighting Book of Elf Fighting2,000
Book of Fluffy Summoning Book of Fluffy Summoning1,000
Book of Gargoyle Fighting Book of Gargoyle Fighting50
Book of Gargoyles Summoning Book of Gargoyles Summoning100
Book of Goblin Fighting Book of Goblin Fighting10
Book of Gold Mining Book of Gold Mining100
Book of Gold Molding Book of Gold Molding150
Book of Gold Smelting Book of Gold Smelting25
Book of Health Essence Book of Health Essence100
Book of Humans Fighting Book of Humans Fighting2,000
Book of Iron Axe Construction Book of Iron Axe Construction1,000
Book of Iron Mining Book of Iron Mining50
Book of Iron Molding Book of Iron Molding100
Book of Iron Smelting Book of Iron Smelting10
Book of Life Essence Book of Life Essence50
Book of Magic Essence Book of Magic Essence200
Book of Magic Potion Book of Magic Potion750
Book of Metal Mining Book of Metal Mining25
Book of Metal Molding Book of Metal Molding50
Book of Metal Smelting Book of Metal Smelting5
Book of Metallurgy Book of Metallurgy3
Book of Orc Fighting Book of Orc Fighting200
Book of Potion of Body Restoration Book of Potion of Body Restoration100
Book of Potion of Coordination Book of Potion of Coordination25
Book of Potion of Feasting Book of Potion of Feasting200
Book of Potion of Manufacturing Book of Potion of Manufacturing250
Book of Potion of Physique Book of Potion of Physique75
Book of Potion of Summoning Book of Potion of Summoning500
Book of Potion of Vitality Book of Potion of Vitality15
Book of Potion of Wildness Book of Potion of Wildness50
Book of Potion of Will Book of Potion of Will25
Book of Puma Fighting Book of Puma Fighting50
Book of Puma Summoning Book of Puma Summoning200
Book of Silver Mining Book of Silver Mining250
Book of Silver Molding Book of Silver Molding200
Book of Silver Smelting Book of Silver Smelting50
Book of Skeleton Fighting Book of Skeleton Fighting25
Book of Skeleton Summoning Book of Skeleton Summoning50
Book of Snakes Summoning Book of Snakes Summoning10
Book of Steel Axe Construction Book of Steel Axe Construction1,000
Book of Steel Molding Book of Steel Molding500
Book of Steel Smelting Book of Steel Smelting100
Book of Titanium Axe Construction Book of Titanium Axe Construction1,000
Book of Titanium Mining Book of Titanium Mining750
Book of Titanium Molding Book of Titanium Molding1,000
Book of Titanium Smelting Book of Titanium Smelting300
Book of Troll Fighting Book of Troll Fighting500
Book of Wolf Summoning Book of Wolf Summoning10
Chimeran Mountain Wolf Summoning Chimeran Mountain Wolf Summoning2,000
Crystal embedding Crystal embedding50
Crystal Processing Crystal Processing5
Crystal Technology Crystal Technology3
Desert Pines Ring Building Desert Pines Ring Building150
Diamond embedding Diamond embedding200
Diamond Mining Diamond Mining750
Diamond Processing Diamond Processing200
Disengagement Ring Building Disengagement Ring Building1,000
Egratia Ring Building Egratia Ring Building400
Emerald embedding Emerald embedding100
Emerald Mining Emerald Mining500
Emerald Processing Emerald Processing500
Emerald Valley Ring Building Emerald Valley Ring Building400
Feet Armor Construction Feet Armor Construction50
Generic Medallions Building Generic Medallions Building25
Generic Rings Building Generic Rings Building15
Glacmor Ring Building Glacmor Ring Building400
Gold Medallions Building Gold Medallions Building50
Gold Rings Building Gold Rings Building40
Head Armor Construction Head Armor Construction50
Hulda Ring Building Hulda Ring Building400
Hurquin Ring Building Hurquin Ring Building400
Idaloran Ring Building Idaloran Ring Building400
Imbroglio Islands Ring Building Imbroglio Islands Ring Building400
Irinveron Ring Building Irinveron Ring Building400
Iron Broad Sword Construction Iron Broad Sword Construction50
Iron Chainmail Torso Construction Iron Chainmail Torso Construction250
Iron Cuisses Construction Iron Cuisses Construction500
Iron Greaves Construction Iron Greaves Construction800
Iron Helmet Construction Iron Helmet Construction100
Iron Plate Mail Construction Iron Plate Mail Construction2,000
Iron Shield Construction Iron Shield Construction100
Iron Sword Construction Iron Sword Construction40
Iscarlith Ring Building Iscarlith Ring Building400
Isla Prima Ring Building Isla Prima Ring Building100
Isle of the Forgotten Ring Building Isle of the Forgotten Ring Building400
Jewlery Technology Jewlery Technology20
Kusamura Ring Building Kusamura Ring Building400
Leather Helmet Construction Leather Helmet Construction40
Legs Armor Construction Legs Armor Construction50
Moon Medallion Building Moon Medallion Building1,000
Naralik Ring Building Naralik Ring Building150
Padded Leather Pants Construction Padded Leather Pants Construction50
Palon Vertas Ring Building Palon Vertas Ring Building400
Portland Ring Building Portland Ring Building150
Quartz Mining Quartz Mining15
Ring of Damage Building Ring of Damage Building500
Rose Quartz Mining Rose Quartz Mining25
Ruby embedding Ruby embedding100
Ruby Mining Ruby Mining250
Ruby Processing Ruby Processing100
Sapphire embedding Sapphire embedding100
Sapphire Mining Sapphire Mining1,000
Sapphire Processing Sapphire Processing250
Sedicolis Ring Building Sedicolis Ring Building400
Shields Construction Shields Construction50
Silver Medallions Building Silver Medallions Building50
Silver Rings Building Silver Rings Building50
Stars Medallion Building Stars Medallion Building150
Steel Chainmail Torso Construction Steel Chainmail Torso Construction500
Steel Long Sword Construction Steel Long Sword Construction100
Steel Shield Construction Steel Shield Construction500
Sun Medallion Building Sun Medallion Building100
Sword Construction Sword Construction20
Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction2,000
Titanium Long Construction Titanium Long Construction1,000
Titanium Serpent Sword Construction Titanium Serpent Sword Construction5,000
Titanium Short Construction Titanium Short Construction400
Torso Armor Construction Torso Armor Construction100
Torso Padded Leather Construction Torso Padded Leather Construction100
Trassian Ring Building Trassian Ring Building400
Two Edged Steel Sword Construction Two Edged Steel Sword Construction200
Unicorn Medallion Building Unicorn Medallion Building300
VOTD Ring Building VOTD Ring Building350
Weapon Construction Weapon Construction10
WhiteStone Ring Building WhiteStone Ring Building200