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NPC: Teyona

Location: Irinveron

Coordinates: 201, 177

A resident of the Lastrii tent area in Irinveron who works with furs.


Speak the Words

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A woman stands before you clothed in what appears to be sEL-DB.comeveral types of animal fur. She nods to you in greeting.

Who are you?
My name is Teyona of Lastrii. I'm pleased to meet you.

Nice fur
Why thank you for noticing. You have no idea how useful fur, such as the ones I'm wearing, are to my people. Irinveron often faces massive blizzards and harsh, subzero temperatures, so furs are used to protect us. We use furs for clothing, insulation for our homes, bedding, decoration and much more! We can never have enough furs, so I'm often looking for various furs to help us survive.

My people will often go on hunting trips solely for furs, not even the meat or bones. I usually travel with the hunters to gather the furs and bring them back here to distribute. If you ever find yourself with an excess of fur clothes, be sure to let me know. *She winks*

*She gestures to the tents surrounding the two of you* This small, yet humble village is known as Lastrii. Though many confuse it to be part of Daa Gri, we prefer to be exempt from that name. We have no ill will toward Daa Gri; our people just prefer a simpler lifestyle.

Daa Gri
Just enter any of the caves that are East of here. You are likely to find yourself in Daa Gri, the main Draegoni city in Irinveron, led by Lord Svar. It is rather isolated in comparison to the human territories in this region, but Lord Svar isn't fond of the human race and prefers the settlements to be distant. Daa Gri is much more extravagant than Lastrii, Fisher's Point and Candolis.

*She chuckles* Well, look toward the center of our village. There is a very modest throne there built for the leader of our tribe, Yavon. If you ever come across the throne room for Lord Svar, you will see what I mean by extravagance.

Not only does Yavon hold a position as the leader here in our tribe, he is a revered figure in Irinveron and the Dragon Lands as a whole. EL-DB.comHe is one of four brothers. They act as priests for some of the gods who do not have temples in the region. Yavon is the brother of Riyn.

I've never heard of Riyn.
Riyn is the God of Hunting, Survival and Guidance. Most people know Riyn by another name; we choose to use this name so that a negative connotation is not associated with our tribe and the worshippers of Riyn.

Another name
You must first promise me not to go running throughout Irilion shouting out who Riyn really is. Do you understand?

I promise
Very well. *She looks a little hesitant* Riyn is also known as Xiao, God of Archery. Xiao is not widely worshipped and his most famous, infamous rather, worshippers are those of the Nightshade Clan on the continent of Seridia, a clan filled with thieves and assassins. The general population therefore applies a negative connotation to their god as well.

Yavon explained to us that Xiao is actually very loving toward his worshippers and often misunderstood. That is why we worship him under the pseudonym of Riyn. Yavon says that Xiao has spoken with him and likes the name. If Xiao was displeased, we would call him otherwise. But as Riyn, many hunters and travelers in these regions worship him. Some know he is Xiao, others believe he is his own entity.

Speak with Yavon if you wish to know more about Riyn. The stories told about Riyn in these parts are much different than the stories told of Xiao in Tirnym.

Fisher's Point
You can find the point along the West coast of Irinveron, just north of Polar Bear Cove. Fisher's Point is another small village where many ice fishers of all races live. You'll find Chary there, the woman who runs the storage. Also, a blacksmithing school can be found just North of the storage.

Polar Bear Cove
If you head South and follow the mountain range to the West, you'll come across the entrance to the cove. As the name suggests, Polar Bear Cove has a very large population of polar bears. We go hunting therEL-DB.come often for their meat and furs. The entrance to Iringold's temple also lies within the cove. Be careful not to go East by accident... Going into one of those caves may be the last action you'll ever make.

He is the father of the Draegoni. As such, the majority of his worshippers are of my race. While I know the lore of Iringold, it would be better explained to you by Kyrant, the head priest of Iringold. Beware the Ice Trolls in the cave before the temple. Our attempts to clear them from the cave have been futile and they refuse to leave. Kyrant said he has accepted this obstacle as a test of faith.

What's wrong with the East caves?
Have you ever heard of the Yeti? They are very large and powerful beasts that roam the colder regions of the world. A colony of Yeti have made their home in some of those caves. Unless you are prepared to fight them, I'd stay away from those caves at all cost.

This is the Human colony to the North. Sadly, many visitors to these lands will not venture further than Candolis; it has many more uses than Lastrii or Daa Gri. It has a tavern which is often used by travelers to warm up. I know Luvela rarely leaves the tavern when she isn't working because she hates the cold. Irinveron isn't the smartest place to be if you dislike the cold weather... *She smirks*

There is also a blacksmith who sells bows and various arrows and bolts. Or if you prefer clothing, there is a tailoring shop in town as well. There is also a reasonably sized dock with ships leading to various places such as Iscalrith, Idaloran, and Arius.

Dragon Lands
It's a nickname the Draegoni people have for the icy regions of Irilion. Not only are Draegoni the main inhabitants, but various dragons are quite common in our lands.

It was a pleasure meeting you. I hope we speak again soon.