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NPC: Thaddeus

Location: Southern Kilaran Field Carmien Manor

Coordinates: 152, 104

An Orchan warrior who battles the creatures that inhabit Carmien Manor.


Speak the Words

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*You see a young-looking Orchan warrior, looking like he's been cheated from a battle. As you walk up to the Orchan, he EL-DB.comlifts his face toward you and speaks* Well, it has been some time since I've had visitors. What can I do to assist you?

Who are you?
My name is Thaddeus, but if you earn the honor, you may call me Thad.

If it is not plain to the eyes, I am a warrior. I frequent this manor to fight the foul creatures that inhabit it.

This Manor
Carmien Manor... *He says, a look of anger and disgust crossing his face.* Great atrocities were committed here by the Lord of the Manor, and now you see his ruin all about you. His foolishness unleased these creatures, which I have come here to slay.

He sought to manipulate the curse of Mortos for his own twisted ends. Many dark and powerful creatures were released into these lands before the entrance could be sealed. They provide sport to some, but I seek tougher prey to test my mettle.

Tougher prey
I had heard rumor of tougher beasts lurking in these lands, but I have yet to find them. Such poor fare as this gives me little joy, now that I have cheated the ever-present fear of death. If you find some creatures that may provide me with a challenge, do let me know... if you live to tell the tale. *He says with a grin*

These lands
Southern Kilaran. There is little here for those who do not practice the arts of battle. If you wish to test yourself on men instead of beasts, Kilaran fields to the north may offer some sport. The walled dwarven city of Nordcarn lies to the east, and Kamara Desert to the west. South takes you into the city of White Stone.

If you want to know more, I suggest seeking out the Black Cloak known as Pickle. He's not from around this area, but if he's intervieweEL-DB.comd people as intensely as he did with me, then I'm sure he knows a lot about everyone. I'd much rather keep to myself unless sought out.

Kilaran fields
The lands to the north. There is little there to challenge an experienced warrior, though many men visit it to test their skills upon their fellows. It holds little interest for me, there are more bullies than honorable warriors. *he says with a sneer* I prefer to test my skills on Mortos' foul creatures.

The Black Cloak
Pickle can explain it to you more than I could. I only have general information about the Brotherhood. Seek him out if you wish to learn more.

You'd expect an intensive interview to come from a reporter or something, but Pickle said something about collecting data for some mission. I didn't ask him what the mission was, but I doubt he was willing to discuss the details of it.

Farewell stranger. Be wary where you wander, the monsters can be vicious in these parts. Let good luck travel with you.