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NPC: Thor

Location: White Stone White Stone City Sewers

Coordinates: 285, 337

A fugitive looking to clear his name.


Speak the Words

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*As you approach you see a scowling pale green Orchan man bares his teeth. He doesn't look very hospitable.* Get lost!

Sorry to have bothered you
*He shoos you away very hastily.*

Calm down
*His brow raises to a less angry face.* What do you want then? You shouldn't be down in the sewers.

Who are you?
*He growls* Tell me who you are first and I might tell you who I am.

White Stone is a very large city. Do you see one pile of rubbish out in the streets up there? These sewers were placed here so that the city streets may stay spotless while all the trash and foul wastes are left to rot here... *He trails off thoughtfully.*

I'm just passing through!
*He bares his teeth.* THEN GET LOST! *He roars so strongly that you are sprayed in spit.*

I asked first.
Hmm. I do not think you could be after me then. You are too friendly to be one of them. I am Thor. Just don't say that name out loud - ever. It could be trouble for us both. I am a fugitive being hunted down like game.I am a fugitive, but I've got to clear my name.

After you
*His face saddens* I'm in danger. A murder happened nearby. No one knew who could have done it. The guards were coming under fire by Lord Luxin for not havEL-DB.coming any clues to who the murderer was. Lord Luxin was furious. It didn't take long for me to become accused of the crime after they considered my history.

Trouble for us
You know that I'm here now and you know people are after me. If they knew you knew where I was they would imprison you too. *He pauses.* Then again, if you did turn me in, I would be sure to get to you before they did. *He grins, baring his large fangs.*

Lord Luxin furious
The person found murdered was Sir Calaway. Luxin is so angry he doesn't care that there's no evidence against me. He just wants to feel like justice is served to help ease his grieving.

Sir Calaway
Sir Calaway is.. or was Lord Luxin's cousin. I don't know much more about him, other than that he's dead now. I had never even met him.

Your history
You may have not noticed this, but I tend to be quick to get angry. Very angry, very quick; sometimes violent. I have a reputation across many lands for my ferocity. I have been in many fights over trifle matters. I can be very mean but I'm no murderer. Even as you walked up to me I thought to attack you simply because I didn't know who you were. Then you sounded friendly.

Then stop being angry
*He growls a low and deep chuckle.* Telling me not to be angry would be like telling anyone else to stop breathing. I have tried to control my temper on my own many times. No one would help me because of my reputation. I found the best way to control it was just to avoid anything that could cause it all together.

*He gleams.* Oh yes. I have never lost a fight. I can't help but be proud of that. Usually the fights are just minor tavern brawls. My anger used to be so bad that if someone looked at me the wrong way they would be knocked out in a matter of seconds.

What's going to happen to you?
*His voice grows quiet and full of sorrow.* I will most likely be marked for death if I have not been already. That is why I hide here. I do not fear death, I just do nEL-DB.comot wish for my life to end for something I am not responsible for. If I knew they would give me a fair and honest chance to prove my innocence I would not be down here.

I would come to them willingly, actually. No. All they care about is finding someone to blame.

Can't you escape from here?
There are people looking for me all over this city, night and day. I hardly had enough time to climb down here to hide. I easily out ran two out of shape guards before they could call for help. But if I get Antigone on my ass, I'm done for. I'm sick and tired of running, the hunger and the pain I stop to look about then off again. Being at the wrong place and the wrong time suspected of a hit that was my crime.

Do you know who DID murder Calaway?
If I knew, don't you think I would have tracked down the true killer and brought him in myself? For all I know, the killer is long gone by now since they've tacked the blame onto me. I mean, what kind of killer would stick around to admire their handiwork?

Blasted woman, she's the head of Luxin's police staff and not someone to mess with. She may be the only woman I fear. Her ruthlessness sometimes has been known to rival that of my own.

I wish you luck.
Not likely, but farewell anyways.