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NPC: Thorron

Location: Ruins of Tirnym

Coordinates: 138, 178

Seller of axes, more than a bit on the paranoid side.


Speak the Words

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Hey! Private space, here... Awww you're tracking in dirt! well, since you're already in here, what do you wanna buy?

Don't make me aks you again. You're in Thorron's Ax Emporium, I'm Thorron. I make and sell the best axes of all kinds. If you've lost your handle on life, buy a Thorron Ax to get it back. *You can tell he's rusty with his approach. You figure he hasn't had many customers in a while.*

Aks? What's that?
Ax Em-po-ri-um! Are ya deaf? Look, do ya wanna buy a ax or not? *He's obviously frustrated.*

Actually, no.
Damn them! That's the last straw. This was supposed to be a great place for a roaming blacksmith to sell stuff, but ever since I got here - nothin'! So I aksed around. Their info was outdated - WAY outdated in fact.

Whose info?
My FORMer friends in Desert Pines, Astra and Krystal. A'right. Time for you to get lost. *He looks off in the distance.* Get away from here! I don't like no thieving here!

I'm not a thief!
*He glares at you.* Wasn't talking to ya. I was talking to that bloody Nightshade thief that was eye'n up mah goods from that there tree. Don't know who they are? I'm sure you'll find out the hard way! *He lets out what sounds like a laugh.*

Yeah yeah. Out!