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NPC: Thoth

Location: Morcraven Marsh Alchemy School

Coordinates: 327, 97

Head researcher at the Alchemy School in Morcraven Marsh.


Speak the Words

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*A dwarf with frazzled hair and beard mutters to himself he takes notes. He looks up distractedly as you approach.*

Oh hello there! Welcome to the ah... Morcraven Marsh research lab and ah... what was it? Oh of course, alchemy school! Silly me! What can I do for you?

Who are you?
Me? I'm... just give me a minute. It'll come to me... Ah yes, I'm Thoth! I'm the head researcher here. Knew it would come to me eventually! I'll forget my own head next! *He giggles to himself.* How can I help you?

Alchemy school
Well it's a school for teaching alchemy of course! *He bursts into laughter, apparently finding this very amusing. He coughs and composes himself.* Alchemists of all levels can practice their skills here and learn much faster. Just sit yourself down by the uh... shiny thingy... *He gestures vaguely with one hand, scratching his head with the other.* The uh... philosopher's stone and give it a go.

Research lab
What? Oh, this is the alchemy school's research lab. We uh, research things. *He titters to himself.* You wouldn't know how to smelt wolfram and hydro if it weren't for us beavering away here. Or well, mostly me. My last assistant left rather speedily... *he points up* through the roof... made a mess of things too, but it was easily fixed, unlike the last time. *he mutters to himself*

Head Researcher
What? Oh yes, that's me. I just love poking at things so much that Ayelle gave me a lab to tinker to my heart's content! *He beams.* Oh you just can't beat the feeling of discovering new ways to use alchemy for the common good. I can still remember the excitement I felt making my first essences, with ingredients I gathered myself! It's so rewarding. *He smiles happily.*

Oh, she runs the Desert Pines school. Well technically she runs them all - it's the main academy. Lovely lady, very kind, big supporter of my research efforts. *Your jaw drops at his brief period of lucidity.* Uh... I mean what? Who? Who are you? *He rolls his eyes and scowls.* Oh alright, you found me out, happy now?

Found you out
Yeah, I get tired of people bugging me about my research or trying to steal my secrets, so I just carry-on like a demented half-wit until they give up in exasperation. You won't EL-DB.comtell will you? I'll never get any peace! Though to be honest, I think all that mercury is rotting my brain anyway. *He rolls his eyes again.* Never know who could be watching...

At least you don't look like a member of that Black Cloak gang. I want them and the other locals to think I'm a bit crazy so they'll leave me in peace.

Black Cloak gang
Shhh!!! They're all over the place! They call themselves a brotherhood, or some such nonsense, but they're just a bunch of warriors who have taken it upon themselves to be a government for Morcraven, one I certainly would not have elected to power.

What locals?
Tankel and his daughter, Kelcha, have a house to the north. Edlera is usually wandering around the marsh somewhere - she's a healer. Judith runs a well-organized storage near the edge of the marsh to the west. Anca, Rodica and Saville can be found in Fort Hallgan: Anca runs the store, Rodica the tavern, and Saville teaches in Herbalist Hall.

In Fort Caladak you'll find Offira in the magic shop, Bower the blacksmith and his apprentice Neddler, and Vesine and Latis at the winery. Up north, at the temple to Jayden, you'll find Iazurn and Kahlen. Somewhere in the marsh, some tribe lives in huts and they have a shaman named Nhala, but the strangest of all is Ilie.

He scares me, and not just because he's Orchan. In the southwest there's a large structure called the Battle Hall. He's in there. I've seen groups of people dressed up for a fight enter and through the door, I've heard them talking to Ilie. Once, I cracked the door open to look inside and I saw a group of them disappear POOF in an instant! And Ilie smiled about it.

Any others?
There was a dwarf who came through here a while back checking on the stability of this structure... Kaimen was the name, but I don't know where she's moved off to. There's also been a reporter poking her nose into people's business. Lynette seems only to be interested in Magic, though. And then those Black Cloaks...

Aaron, Tick, and Squint are the ones I know abouEL-DB.comt. Aaron leads them now that Old Kettle is dead.

Strange names.
I'll say they are. Just another way they hide in plain sight.

Like you?
*He makes a goofy face and his eyes appear to be looking in two different directions* Who? Me? Now act like we never had this conversation.

What? Are we having a conversation? What about? Who are you? I'm Thoth, pleased to meet you! *You wonder if he really is sane...*

Hmm...? Oh bye bye, whoever you are... *He turns back to his notes.*