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NPC: Throvnc

Location: Grubani Peninsula Large Hut (A)

Coordinates: 18, 43

An orchan who speaks to you, but not with words.


Speak the Words

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A very large Orchan man sits before the fire pit and appears to be in a trance-like state. There is a slight aroma of burnt herbs in the You cough to try to make your entrance known, but there's no response from the man. You step closer and speak in hopes that he hears you.

Who are you?
The Orchan's eyes spring open. He suddenly reaches out and grabs your arm. You yell at him to let go, but his grasp doesn't falter. Suddenly, the room begins to fill with some sort of smoke and several other Orchans appear and you seem to be somewhere else. An Orchan woman seems to be in extreme duress and another Orchan appears to be tending to her needs. The third Orchan is pacing back and forth on the side

of the room. You call out to them, asking who they are, but they do not respond, as if you aren't there. Suddenly, you hear the shouts of the Orchan woman increase, followed by the screams of a baby in the hands of the Orchan tending to her - you figure him to be a doctor of some sort. The Orchan's speech is muffled and you can't understand a word they say.

After a minute or so of conversing, one word stands out from the rest, Throvnc. The new mother holds the baby close and whispers the word Throvnc yet again. Every other word remains inaudible. The smokey scene fades, and you find the Orchan man still grasping your arm just as firmly.

Your name is Throvnc?
The Orchan man nods his head.

What just happened?!
You feel Throvnc's grip tighten and the smokey haze returns again. This time, you see what appears to be a younger version of Throvnc. He is surrounded by lava and appears to be in some sort of temple. A deep voice shouts out in a different language, yet somehow you understand it. The words 'My Father, I bestow my voice upon you as my offering' radiates through your head. A red light begins to illuminate around

young Throvnc's neck and then the light floats away to an altar on the other side of the room. The red light becomes blinding when it touches the altar. Young Throvnc is consumed by the light. When it dissipates, Throvnc appears to remain intact. He goes to speak, but nothing comes out. The hut returns with normal Throvnc staring into your eyes with extreme seriousness.

You can't speak?
Throvnc nodEL-DB.coms his head.

How are you communicating with me?
He holds up his hands and they are glowing a faint red. He points to his head and then points to your eyes. You understand it to mean that by touching you, he has the ability to show you what is in his mind.

Who did you give your voice to?
Throvnc's hand grasps your arm once again. This time you see nothing more than a book with the golden pages. The brim of the book reads 'The Great Almanac of the Gods.' The pages flip open at such a fast pace, none of the text is legible. Finally, the pages stop moving at the entry for Glydoc.

Some of the text begins to rise from the pages and float around you: 'Father of the Orchans,' 'Tribes of Redmoon keep faith,' 'Bestows... fragment of his power,' 'Honor,' 'Courage,' 'Strength.'

There's an Orchan tribe here?
The boundaries of the hut fade once again and get quick glimpses of several Orchans. You see a young girl singing merrily as she gathers herbs. With a flash, a strong warrior effortlessly slicing through a troll appears, shouting out a roar of dominance over the fallen creature. Another flash and you see a man in a booth handing a ticket to an archer.

The man fades and a swamp appears, near which a dark, evil looking woman chants around a small fire. She throws a powder upon the fire that turns the flames green. You hear her cackle as the swamp melts into the docks outside. You see a confident looking woman repairing a boat. The light brightens again and a man who is concentrating on tightening a bow string fades into your vision.

Another man appears in the vision, chopping vigorously at a tree. Flash to another man who is standing outside on the platform near his home. He seems to be selling a book to a passerby who is engulfed by the tall grass of the region. The entire scene melts and you are back in the hut, but ghostly versions of all the Orchans you just saw, as well as unfamiliar faces, are circling around Throvnc.

You find yourself floating in space, but you quickly zoom to a large land mass: Irilion. You zoom again to an island on the eastern sea. Quick flashes start to appear around you as you peer doEL-DB.comwn on the island. You see many Orchan people walking past you, structures built from wood with strange designs painted on the door. Another flash and you are atop of a mountain covered in ice.

The snow melts and you are now at the base of a volcano in a small village with large, spiked barrier walls. You fly up to the top of the volcano and into a cave entrance at the top. Inside the volcano, you see ruins and piles of gold coins. Suddenly, you're facing the open mouth of a red dragon. The dragon swallows you, but you feel nothing. You're surrounded by complete darkness.

As the darkness fades back to Throvnc's hut, you realize that you had broken into a cold sweat. That vision was far too realistic for your liking.

Are there others like you?
Throvnc's face begins to melt and transform. Holding your arm now is a scary, skeletal hand belonging to a creepy Orchan woman. The hut is no longer there, but instead you are in a graveyard. The woman appears to be speaking to gravestones, causing spirits to rise from the ground. She looks right at you and laughs. The vision abruptly ends.

Throvnc waves as you leave. He immediately goes back to his previous trance-like state.