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NPC: Tick

Location: Morcraven Marsh Hall of the Brotherhood of Black Cloaks

Coordinates: 105, 356

A member of the Black Cloaks that tends to scare the inhabitants of Morcraven Marsh, so his commander keeps him positioned inside the Brotherhood hideout.


Speak the Words

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You see a man clothed all in black, though his blond hair gives an odd contrast. He stares intently at the candles burning before hiEL-DB.comm as he sits cross-legged on the sack. As you approach his eyes flick upwards to stare at you, though the rest of him does not move.

Greetings, welcome to the humble hall of The Brotherhood of Black Cloaks, those that keep the peace in these lands.

Who are you?
One of the brothers. *He stretches out his legs slightly and gestures to a sack beside him.* Do sit down. *He implores with a slight smirk.* I'm called Tick.

Weird name
*His grin widens slightly.* Hmm, perhaps. Strange names are common among The Brothers. Doubtless I will suffer your inquiries as to how I earned mine.

Why are you called Tick?
I do often find a delight in making people guess, but I'm in a good mood today. *His grin turns wicked.* I'm sure you know what ticks are, don't you? Horrid little creatures which feed off others, slooowly drawing the blood out of them. Lets just say I have no fondness for the creatures around here. I'll let you figure out the rest.

Most of the people around here don't like me much. It's why Aaron keeps me locked up here, commanding our little fort. The Brothers know I won't hurt them, but the common folk don't. *He never seems to drop his grin.*

Aye, he's the commander of The Brotherhood, a respectable warrior. He can be a tad bit hard to find sometimes and he never lingers long, always off to do the next thing.

You're sitting in it. This is the hide-away of The Brotherhood, our castle, our dungeon. Most nights there's some Black ClEL-DB.comoaks gathered around the fire. Sometimes I'm out there with a vile monster, earning my name. Letting them bleed... slowly.

The Brothers
The Brotherhood of Black Cloaks! You sit in their home, you wander their lands. The Marsh belongs to The Brotherhood and we to it. We watch over all you pathetic wanderers that might come through, too weak to watch over yourselves.

You must really hate those monsters
I'm never nice to things I dislike. You'd better hope you stay on my good side. *His hand drops idly to a knife tucked into his belt and his eyes flicker with amusement as you notice the action.* It may be that I have a grudge against them, after all I've been in The Marsh since I was a boy. I've seen them kill many brothers, many good people. Why should their eternal existence be a good one?

With The Curse, they just keep coming back. Most of them know me, all of them hate me. I make sure that their endless life is nothing but constant death and hell. They're foul violent creatures that don't deserve to exist alongside civilized people. *Tick's gaze is full of contempt.*

Did they kill someone close to you?
*Anger flickers through Tick's eyes and he looks away.* They did...

*A smirk tugs again at his lips, though it's overcome by a scowl.* The Brotherhood has a few sisters too. They took one too close to me. *Tick's voice is barely above a whisper.*

We might be called The Brotherhood, but from time to time women join our ranks as well. They can be as fierce as we are. And fierce good company too. It's good to have someone interesting about when you spend your days protecting weak fools.

Don't wet your pants, The Brothers will protect yoEL-DB.comu pathetic travelers when you venture back outside.