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NPC: Tirrant

Location: Naralik Catacombs

Coordinates: 152, 73

An orc that considers himself a god among orcs.


Speak the Words

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*As you enter this small alcove, you notice a male orc glaring directly at you. Oddly enough, he doesn't seem to approach you threateningly. HiEL-DB.coms one eye has a bluish tint... perhaps blinded from a battle injury.* Don't fret, grashbaa. I won't be attacking you...not right now at least.

*He scoffs as his yellowed teeth peek through his scowl.* You mortals and your puny brains. If you must know, grashbaa is the scum that leeches to the bottom of our waste holes. When we meet an inferior being, such as yourself, that's what we refer to you as.

A peaceful orc?
Don't be foolish. A deity such as myself would not waste his breath on destroying such a minuscule spec of life such as yourself. My minions will take care of that for me. And you should count yourself lucky that I even talk to you - us gods rarely speak to mortals.

Who are you?
*He clenches his weapon out of obvious annoyance by your question.* Pitiful you that you know naught of me. I am Tirrant, the leader of the mighty army of orcs. The orcs that you will find wreaking havoc upon this continent answer to me. The only one with a higher rank than me is Mortos himself!

I have died 5 times in the span of my days. After each untimely occurrence, my healthy status was restored and I won the battle. I cannot be defeated as I cannot die. The gods cannot die. You do the math.

The other monsters are gods too?
Don't be naive. All other minions of Mortos are inferior compared to me. My skills and intelligence demolish anyone who stands in my way - man or beast. The Gift of Mortos, sadly, affected the inferior beasts as well as the superior ones such as myself. But I would have been granted the Gift regardless! Mortos respects the services I offer him! My talents cannot be matched!

It would be wise if you did not tempt me to demonstrate my abilities on a foe as pathetic as you.

I assure you, every orc that walks through this blessed place would attack you on my whim. All I need is a grunt or a hand gesture anEL-DB.comd you would be killed. Luckily for you our conversation amuses me, grashbaa. *You realize his ego is fueled by your interest in him.*

PRAISE BE HE! *Tirrant shouts as he takes his sword and pumps it into the air.* Mortos is the strongest and most powerful god of them all! He is the savior of the world and one day, his followers will prevail above all others. *He grins wickedly.* And when that happens, I will rule a lot more than just the orcs.

Blessed place
Look around you fool! You are in the home of a god! The high priest of Mortos lives in here and all of his worshippers flock here to feel the powers of darkness flow through their very soul. But then you get the meddlers here that only cause trouble.

Priests, I should say. Twin legends, both born on the day of greatness. Even us orcs recognize when one of our own is born on the third day of Mortia. Sadly, I was not graced with the honor of being born on that day. But I digress. *He scowls.* Dirhyan is the head priest of Mortos, but I may toss him aside and place myself in his stead.

His twin, Sirhyan, is also a priest, though he is more cynical and darker than his brother, but I prefer him more. *A deep laugh-like sound comes from Tirrant at the thought.* But if he ever gives me his shit again, I will tear his throat out.

Powers of darkness
I don't expect the likes of you to understand. Let's just say a power radiates from below this very ground. The temple was not placed here for a frivolous reason. In fact, there are many good reasons for this location. We orcs thrive in this temple.

*Tirrant scoffs.* According to my troops, they are named Leela and Zenith. One of which is spying on our activities. The other is looking for information that shouldn't be seen by the public eye. Soon enough, we'll take care of them both. *He takes his sword and stabs the air as if one of them were in front of him. In a final motion, he twists his blade that would intensify his foe's pain.* Oh yes...very soon.

Watch your back. Just because I didn't attack you just now doesn't EL-DB.commean my soldiers won't. Now get out of my sight, insolent grashbaa.