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NPC: Tobias

Location: White Stone Tirnwood Tree House

Coordinates: 368, 91

Maintains the Tirnwood House of Records, keeping data about all of White Stone.


Speak the Words

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Hello traveller, what EL-DB.comcan I assist you with?

My name is Tobias. I am the founder and keeper of the Tirnwood House of records. It is quite a tedious job.

Well aside from the obvious, I keep track of not only what is going on in Tirnwood, but all of White Stone. It is a big area that consists of 6 smaller areas; Lakeside, Grahm's Village, Forest of the Fall, Tirnwood Vale, White Stone City, and Vermor Castle. I am also a guide for those on the Journey of Knowledge.

Lakeside is one of the areas ruled by Lord Luxin. It has access to the sea trade routes, and is the first port-of-call for ships coming from Isla Prima. Their primary industry is fishing. If you pass by the docks, you will see a general named Trik gathering equipment for his army. In addition, Lakeside borders a very dangerous region of land called Tirnym, the home of the Chimeran Mountain Wolf.

Grahm's Village
Grahm's Village is also an area ruled by Lord Luxin. However, he is not very fond of the actual village as it is quite a burden to him. It is primarily a trade town and is very popular for travelers due to the summoning arena. It borders Grubani Peninsula, which is a home to many dangerous creatures.

Forest of the Fall
Not much is known about the true history of the Forest. It is rumored to have once had a dragon temple, but no one knows for sure. It is now the current home of Aluwen, the Goddess of Life. You can find her temple in the center of the forest.

Tirnwood Vale
Tirnwood Vale is made up of primarily elves, and we want our independence from the White Stone government. Our primary decisions are made by the Circle of Elders but technically we are still under the rule of Lord Luxin.

The primary industry here is hunting, which to our dismay, has lured Henrik the fur trader to set up his shop heEL-DB.comre. The temple of Selain, who is the God of Summoning, is located under the lake and brings many visitors here.

White Stone City
White Stone City is the other major area ruled by Lord Luxin. His palace is located in the city along with a library, the meeting hall, a potion seller, a book seller, flowershop, an arena, and a cloak seller. Most major dealings with White Stone are dealt with there.

Vermor Castle
Quite a mysterious castle. Little is known about this castle, yet many come and try to discover its secrets. The current ownership is disputed, but the widely accepted owners are Lord and Lady Vermor, the closest decendents to the King and Queen who once owned the castle. It is the home of Adrian, priest of Unolas, God of Magic. His temple is hidden somewhere in the castle.

It was my pleasure informing you. Please come back any time you wish.