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NPC: Unolor

Location: Valley of the Dwarves Gold Cave Level 1 Gold Cave Level 2

Coordinates: 272, 176

Unolor is a miner and member of the mining union.


Speak the Words

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A dirt-covered dwarf sits before you, chipping away at some gold ore against the wall. You tap on his shoulder and within a bEL-DB.comlink of an eye, he disappears. You look around and see that he reappeared several feet away from where you first spotted him.

Who are you?
My name is Unolor... I'm a miner serving with the union. What brings you down to these depths... helping Elevy perhaps?

What just happened?
What? You've never seen a dwarf teleport before? Well guess what, you just did. I hate that people think I can't perform magic because of my race. Well, I prove all of them wrong. To think, a simple miner such as myself performing magic! I literally gave Circe a heart attack when I popped up in front of her one day.

Well, I'm fairly certain you realize this is one of the deepest points on this continent. Of course, us dwarven-folk feel right at home down here. The cool, dank underground suits us much better than the cities we use as fronts. Oh 'tis a shame about the gateways, we are in a constant battle to defend our home.

What do you think Mynadar and Nordcarn are? *He scoffs.* We dwarves need to have a few settlements above ground for trade. Do you think those bloody elves would want to travel down into the mines to trade with us? One of them may break a nail... oh the horror.

Of course you don't bloody know about them! Gondric and his buffoons are trying to keep it under wraps... they haven't listened to my protests to make it known to the world. Well, take a seat and I'll tell you what no other dwarf around here will! Mortos has cursed our underground kingdom - this cave and the cave of Nordcarn. There is a rift between our world and the realm of Mortos' damnations.

There are times when the rifts become too wide, and our territories are invaded by creatures of all strengths. I was born a miner, but became a fighter and a mage just to be able to defend my humble abode. That's probably the reason why there are so few houses down here now - people are tired of rebuilding them again and again. *He frowns.*

So I mine until the rift is open, then I take up arms when it's required. It's a very hectic lifestyle. If only that screwball king would tell the world of our troubles rather than sitting back his throne and listening to Gilrand play his lyre and pretend nothing is wrong. And don't even get me started on that blasted healthcare hubbub. Since when can people not take care of themselves?

I'm seriously thinking about moving to Zirakinbar, I hear their rulers are much more efficient.

He's the court minstrel. It doesn't take much to amuse King Gondric, but when it comes to entertainment, I will give Gilrand credit. He can play his lyre in so many different styles, it's quite remarkable. Nothing soothes my soul more than when Gilrand plays 'Dust in the Wind.' His voice is quite good as well. You'd never expect such a powerful voice from such a small gnome.

It's the dwarven homeland in the lands of Irilion. It is led by clan leaders, not a singular king. That system seems to work much better... that way if there are bad ideas... they get weeded out quick. Nothing like this health care plan would have occurred. Or, if we lived in the dwarven colony of Thelinor, we could duke it out on the battlefield. Much like our kingdom, they have a large city underground.

This is one of the rare cases where the dwarves don't have an underground settlement. Instead, they live in dangerous territory from what my cousin, Dyntar, has told me. He's not the friendliest of fellows, but he fits in very well there. All the dwarves there are battle-ready - especially because they're elbow-to-elbow with monsters like giants and feros. I'm tough, but that's a bit too rough for me!

Between the invasions, cave-ins and the unexpected radon pouches, the miners get shafted quite easily. There was a trigger that led to the creation of a miner's union - currently headed by Nolida. The union basically ensures that if anything happens to us, it will take care of us and our families. It also protects us against unfair work practices and helps us gain better working conditions.

Have you seen the old dwarven woman who brings water to us periodically? That would be Druppel. You see, in her prime, she was an excellent miner. She had a crippling accident with a radon pouch which left her out-of-work. Seeing her pain sparked the idea to create the union. Druppel is still receiving the benefits of the union since she acts as our water bearer.

Oh, so you're not here to help him with the elevator? Pity, that would sure save me the walk when I want to visit the 'sky breathers.' is one of our resident inventors and a pretty intelligent gnome. He's working on some new contraption that could really help us down here.

Basically, it's a machine that will be built beneath our underground city which will bring us through the depths of rock to the surface in Nordcarn. It would save the long traveling time through our caverns. Never in my years as a miner would I ever have thought something like that was possible.

She is another dwarven mage down here, though she's kind of a bitch. She was shocked that I was able to learn magic without going through her or Atekel. Apparently they both have an ego issue when it comes to teaching magic.

She runs the magic shop above ground in Nordcarn. She doesn't sell anything there, but I still see people from all over going into her shop. I haven't the faintest idea why... she isn't that interesting to talk to. In my opinion, she's more of a passive bitch while Circe is an aggressive bitch.

See you later. Watch out for the health care freaks... they'll try to drag you into their cause. Trust me, you don't want to deal with that drama.