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NPC: Urania

Location: Arius

Coordinates: 126, 200

Type: Astro Indicator sales

An astrologer in Arius who sells astrological indicators and predictors.


Sells 15 items

A/D Indicator A/D Indicator50
Accuracy predictor Accuracy predictor80
Accuracy/Magic Indicator Accuracy/Magic Indicator50
Attack predictor Attack predictor80
Criticals Indicator Criticals Indicator50
Defense predictor Defense predictor80
Degrade predictor Degrade predictor80
Failure predictor Failure predictor80
Harvest predictor Harvest predictor80
Harvest/Degrade Indicator Harvest/Degrade Indicator50
Magic predictor Magic predictor80
Make Rare predictor Make Rare predictor80
Make Rare/Fail Indicator Make Rare/Fail Indicator50
To Damage predictor To Damage predictor80
To Hit predictor To Hit predictor80

Buys 5 items

A/D Indicator A/D Indicator20
Accuracy/Magic Indicator Accuracy/Magic Indicator25
Criticals Indicator Criticals Indicator25
Harvest/Degrade Indicator Harvest/Degrade Indicator25
Make Rare/Fail Indicator Make Rare/Fail Indicator25