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NPC: Vaesura

Location: White Stone

Coordinates: 301, 319

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Elven Party

Eldest of the Elven Council of Three.


Speak the Words

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A venerable Elven woman regards you EL-DB.comwith the wisdom of ages in her eyes.

Hello there, child. Was there something you needed from me?

Who are you?
My name is Vaesura, dear. I'm the oldest member of the Elven Council of Three.

Certainly. I'm sure if you look around long enough, you'll find the other councilors hard at work. Although our areas of focus differ, we are all three aware that for our society to flourish, we must all work together for the good of the many. This belief is founded upon the principal of the three P's. Our individual needs are nothing compared to the needs of all Elves everywhere.

All Elves?
Yes, dear. All Elves - even those who have split off from us. Perhaps someday, when they've seen the error of their ways, they'll wish to return to the fold. We are awaiting upon the return of our brothers and sisters in Tirnym.

Three P's?
Passion, Practicality, and Posterity: these three concepts, represented in each member of the Council of Three, guide our society forward. The youthful passion that Talon has gives us the hope of a bright future. Rongon's steadfast practicality makes sure that it is the correct future. And by being diligent toward posterity, we ensure the continuity of our people.

Talon and Rongon
They're the other two councilors. If you haven't met them yet, you should seek them out. Visit with them and see what you're able to learn. They are around Tirnwood somewhere.

What's your focus?
In a way, you could say that I look to the future while making sure that council rules are observed. It helps that the women in my family EL-DB.comhave always had keen eyesight: the better to watch what needs watching. My mother and grandmother were both council members in their time.

Is a council position hereditary?
No. When a councilor wishes to retire, that councilor makes a recommendation to the other councilors for a replacement, but it is up to the other councilors to weigh whether or not the replacement will be a good fit with the rest of the council and whether or not the replacement will be a proper representative of all Elves.

One of the things I watch for has to do with who is watching whom: sometimes I encourage and other times I discourage.

What do you see?
I see tensions building between the new Lord Vermor and Selain's temple priests and here we are, right in the middle. At least that's what I intend to discuss with Lord and Lady Luxin when we meet in a few days.

What tensions?
That is council business and you're not a council member, but maybe you could look into it on your own. From what I've seen, something is going on and Daroth, Selain's priest, may be at the heart of it.

What do you mean?
Relationships, dear. You can't have a future without a past.

It's a cycle!
You're very bright, child. You will do well - of this I am certain. But now, if you will excuse an old woman, I must get back to my work.

Certainly. Good day.
Good, child.

Elves in Tirnym?
You may not see them above ground. In fact, you may never see them at all. Our brothers and sisters in Tirnym are not your typical elves, no. They are the clans of Xiao, while the elves of Tirnwood are devout followers of Aluwen.

Clans of Xiao
*She shakes her head.* Xiao is a wretched god who teaches his servants different ways to kill others. It goes against the teachings of Aluwen. It is almost an insult for them to worship Xiao in substitute of our mighty Goddess! And to think, Tirnym used to be such a beautiful city of Aluwen.

Some see me as a venerable mother, but that term is better assigned to Aluwen. She is the mother of all elves.. our creator and savior. We promote the principals of Aluwen in our lifestyles. One must always cherish thy mother.

Used to be?
Before the Great War, Tirnym was a proud and beautiful town filled with fellow followers of Aluwen. The armies of Mortos demolished the city and decimated its citizens, leaving only Xiao's followers alive. It's a shame you never saw it, the city was quite remarkable.

Goodbye. Remember, I'm watching you.