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NPC: Violet

Location: Tarsengaard

Coordinates: 335, 335

A worshipper of Harvesting goddess Lucaa, found on Roanoff Island in Tarsengaard.


Speak the Words

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A woman with a far-away look in her eyes stands before you. You wonder EL-DB.comif she is even aware of your presence or what she might be staring at.

Who are you?
My name is Violet. Are you here to worship Lucaa, or newly exiled, or here by chance?

Hello! Is anyone in there? Didn't you listen to the message when you landed here? 'Welcome to the Isle of Roanof, Home of Lucaa, Goddess of Nature, Chance, and the Exiled.' Lucaa is the goddess I worship. Since you move about on two feet, you're clearly not Nature, so I'm left to assume one of three things: you're an exile like me, you stumbled here accidentally, or you're a plunderer. Which is it?

I came here as an exile to escape a violent husband. The name I bear now was not always my name. Perhaps someday, Blessed Lucaa will turn something ugly into something beautiful.

It is extremely rare for someone to arrive here by chance. Who would possibly want to strike a tree in that way? Truly someone as crazy as Lucaa herself. They are always surprised, though. Can you imagine it? They expect to feel their pickaxe strike the tree, but instead they land here unexpectedly.

There are riches all about you everywhere you go in the form of plants, minerals, crystals, ores, and other things. There are some who only take what they need and no more while others take much more than they need allowing their plunder to sit in a storage somewhere. Lucaa frowns on such hoarders who are so greedy and possessive.

What was your name?
It was Prudence until my husband and others changed it to be more descriptive of my appearance. You see, the people around me could see what he was doing, but they were afraid of him and would turn their eyes elsewhere. By saying nothing, it was the same thing as granting him approval over his actions. So one day, after a particularly bad night, while he lay in a stupor, I left him and came here.

Lucaa sometimes blesses her Priests, Clerics, and worshippers by creating something new. From reading temple documents, there was once a Cleric named Rose. Impatiens were inspired by a short-tEL-DB.comempered worshipper. There was even a dwarven cleric named Kullrock Thunderfist who also worshipped Dvar. Lucaa created dvarium to honor that dwarf. Other creations were inspired by creatures.

By creatures?
At a time when only white lilies existed, there was a tiger who loved them and so Tiger lilies were created. In the oldest temple documents, Lucaa was once worshipped by Snap, a red dragon.

This fact is well known throughout the lands of Draia. The Queen of Nature punishes and rewards us for the same actions without rhyme or reason. Would you call that the actions of a sane god? I wouldn't. Many people come here crying to me asking me why Lucaa hates them so much. Once they understand the Goddess of Nature better, their tears dry right up.

What do you do?
My job is to spread the word of Lucaa to all who come here by comforting those who need it, instructing those who seek it, and encouraging harvest moderation. I also maintain temple documentation and accept and arrange offerings to my Goddess.

For those who are truly penitent and wish to make amends, the temple accepts offerings. Would you like to make a donation today?

How do I worship Lucaa?
Very simple in fact. All you must do is seek out Quira, the high priestess of our Queen. She can usually be found on the altar on the western-most part of the isle. If you can't find her, she is most likely off sailing and being at peace with our Goddess.

Lucaa is also the Goddess of the Seas. She is the patron goddess to sailors and fishermen. If you upset Lucaa, don't be surprised if a storm brews on the sea over your vessel. If she is pleased, it is common to find bright skies and sunny weather during your travels.

Perhaps another time then. BleEL-DB.comssings, traveler, and farewell.