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NPC: Vixen

Location: Morcraven Marsh Morcraven Cave

Coordinates: 137, 38

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Broken Armors 1
  2. Broken Armors 2

A member of the Black Cloaks, she is experimenting with weapons and armors, looking to perfect the use of explosives.


Speak the Words

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*You hear a large boom as you walk through the cave. The noise seems to radiate from a heavily armored figure wearing a rather large helmet. ThEL-DB.come figure pulls the helmet off to reveal a female with flowing, dark hair. She appears to be disgruntled.* Damn, damn damn. Why won't this work?

Am I interrupting?
*She jumps when she hears your voice.* Oh sorry, you startled me. With all the explosions, my hearing isn't on top of its game at the moment. *She rubs her left ear gently.* No, you're not interrupting anything... just witnessing me failing again.

Nice armor!
*She chuckles.* Everyone seems to comment on this armor. It's a very personal possession of mine. You see, there was an invasion in Morcraven one time, and a troop of Black Dragons attacked. Most ran in fear, but me and the other Black Cloaks took them down, one by one. At the end, I gathered the scales and had them converted into this amazing armor.

It helps me greatly in battle and also protects me from some of these explosions. *She smiles proudly.*
Speaking of armors, I am trying to develop some enhanced armor type. Unfortunately, I don't get out much so I don't use the armor a lot in combat. For my research, I need to find out more about how different armors break. If you fight a lot and break a lot of armor, perhaps you can help me ?

Who are you?
You can call me Vixen, everyone around here does. I don't think people even care what my real name is anymore. Ever since I joined the Brotherhood, my nickname has taken precedence.

I know, I know. It's weird that a woman is part of an organization called The Brotherhood of Black Cloaks. But I grew up here in Morcraven and I wanted to give back to the community. With my skills and experience, the Black Cloaks would have been foolish not to accept me into the Brotherhood because of my gender.

I've trained in combat since I was a young girl, but not just with swords. I traveled across the continent finding masters to train me in each type of weaponry and fighting style. I despise the creatures of Mortos - they killed someone very near and dear to me.

What happened?
My grandmother was a healer. She knew a great deal about magical herbs and potions, some of which she learned from Edlera. She was even a priest of Jayden! Then one time, she ventured into Naralik to gather some herbs. *Vixen's eyes begin to well up.* She was ambushed by a group of goblins who wanted the necklace she was wearing.

My grandmother wasn't expecting the attack and, well... *A few tears escape from her eyes and stream down her cheeks. She wipes them away and calms herself down.* I vowed from that day I would do everything in my power to avenge my grandmother. Joining the Black Cloaks seemed like a good way to achieve that.

She is sort of the local apothecary in these parts, but so much better. Her healing abilities are quite miraculous. My grandmother was good, EL-DB.combut Edlera is amazing. I feel like her abilities are too good to have been learned. She must have inherited them from someone in her family.

The Goddess of Mixture whose temple is housed within Morcraven. My grandmother had me become a follower of Jayden when I was young, she said it would help me develop my patience more. The Order of the Stream is trying to discover a way to revoke the Curse of Mortos and bring our lands back to peace somehow.

I try to get the Brotherhood involved with the temple more, but some members, like Squint, aren't very fond of the temple or its teachings. Iazurn told me to have patience when it comes to people like Squint, because one day they will see the light.

Order of the Stream
The Order is much like the Brotherhood. The Order is an organization that is made up of the followers of Jayden. The Order's main purpose is to find a way to end the everlasting life of the beasts cursed by Mortos.

You'll probably be able to find him shooting goblins off of one of the fort walls. He's a great aim, but clouded in his judgement. He worships some of the Shadow Gods. Frankly, seems like a useless thing to do. They fell from power for a reason, you know?

I've been trying to create a new weapon to be used only by the Brotherhood. If I can get it to work, it should help us combat the monsters in this region much easier. The gist behind it is to cause an explosion with each blow of your weapon or shield onto your opponent. The explosion would cause massive amounts of damage.

*She gestures to the pots and crates beside her.* These are all filled with black powder and some special mixtures I've created. It's a shame that a follower of Jayden cannot follow LaForge as well, I feel their guidance would be very helpful. But the black powder and mixtures aren't combining well resulting in one big boom.

The mixtures are very special, a unique potion known only to the most devout followers of Jayden. We call it 'Holy Water' and it helps deal extra damagEL-DB.come to the beasts of Mortos. Combined with the black powder, it will supply our arsenal with the advantages we need, I just need to figure out how first.

Good luck
Thanks. You're all right in my book. If you ever need assistance from the Brotherhood, please let me know. Be safe in your travels.