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NPC: Warzorm

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall Meeting Hall West Meeting Hall Hallway Underground Tunnel Tarsengaard Magic School Garden

Coordinates: 135, 53

An astronomer studying the night sky from the magic school's garden.


Speak the Words

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*An intelligent looking gnome glances up as you approach. He adjusts his gEL-DB.comlasses and smiles.* Oh! My stars! Did you come to watch the moons with me?

Who are you?
I am Warzorm, astronomer extrodinaire! I often come here at night to watch the stars and our two lovely moons. I find, though, that such observations are more pleasant when others share the view. I invited Joseph over, but he turned his back and ignored me.

I watch and study the movement of the stars and other interesting sights in space. See for yourself. Just look at that sky! Almost as beautiful as Aluwen herself. Do you not agree? I especially love seeing the Shield of Aluwen grace the skies.

Come here? Where is here?
We're in the Tarsengaard Magic School's Magic Garden. I come here when the moons are bright, then the light here does not matter. Other places on Draia offer a magnificent view of the stars when the moons are darker.

Who else was here?
Well, there was this huge guy, very muscular, wearing a black cloak. We talked very briefly: his name was Bronne. He seemed to be looking for something, but was secretive about what. There was another time when another man was here. Logan was his name. He was huge in another way and smelled of drink. I think he'd gotten lost and found his way to the garden by mistake. While he was here with me, I think the

fresh air did him some good, but I feel sorry for the man. It seems he's made a mess of his life. One other visitor was here. He's quite tall with prominent lower fanged canines sticking up from his lower jaw. Raum is his name. Though he frightened me at first, as I came to know him, a growing sense of respect for him came over me. He's a student here studying magical combat. If you happen to meet him,

please give him my regards. Lustra also brings her classes to the garden for lectures. She thinks the serenity of the garden promotes a more beneficial learning environment. Of course we have George to thank for this lovely garden.

I don't really know. All he does is sit up there on the upper level of the garden looking out to sea. Sometimes I see pEL-DB.comeople stopping by to talk to him briefly, but they always leave and there he still sits. I wonder what's bothering him.

Other sights
Comets, planets, asteroids. There is so much to see out there! Even our own satellites! Oh yes, I also keep an eye on those as well. Actually, they are my favorite things to watch and study. So brilliant as they circle our sky. And of course, the gods use them to balance the magic streams of Draia. But you knew that already.

Other places on Draia?
Not now! Can you not see that the moons are about to align in the Sword position? There will be other times to study the stars.

Our natural satellites, the moons of Draia. I especially like to study Macuma, but when they are aligned in the The Fist and The Sword positions, I can study the smaller moon, Kaifhi, as well. Their positions also give us our moon signs. *He grins broadly.* I am Lantern born! You'll also see real satellites. I hear it's super-advanced technology. My people are so inventive!

Macuma is our large moon. It has a fairly stable orbit about Draia. It's more distant than Kaifhi, but easier to study due to its size.

Smaller and with a more erratic orbit than Macuma, Kaifhi will sometimes eclipse part of Macuma, forming the Lock position of our moons.

Moon Signs
I am afraid that my interest in the moons is of a more scientific nature. A moon sage or astrologer should be consulted for more detailed information on that subject. But, the list of signs is finite: the Lantern, Axe, Pendant, Bone, Beast, Claw, Eye and Key. Those are the descriptors. Many people know the descriptor sign they were born under and their meanings. People born under the sign of the Lantern like

me are generally considered to be smart, Axe-born people are hard workers, Pendant-born are shady, Bone-born are strong and healthy, Beast-born are wild and sexy, Claw-born are unluEL-DB.comcky, Eye-born are cautious and distrusting, and Key-born are the life of the party. These are only generalizations about people. Don't think that sets anyone's personality in stone.

In addition to the descriptors, there are four governors: the Ear, Lock, Fist, and Sword. Moon sages pay close attention to dates and the positions of the moons and some people even base their decisions on the positions of the moons. But me, I don't look for portents in the sky, unless the clouds turn dark with rain. I simply enjoy the beauty of it all.

Shield of Aluwen
In the month of Aluwia, a constellation sits bright in the sky. Rumor has it that Aluwen arranged the stars herself to create her starry symbol. There is a constellation that represents each month and only appears in the sky at that time. The Dagger of Vesepia and The Gem of Zarin are my other favorites!

Dagger of Vesepia
It's odd. The constellation used to be called the Dagger of Veerden, because that's what the month of Vespia used to be called before The Great War. However, after the war ended, I hear a scholar found some diaries of the royal adviser to the ruler of Matajin.

It talked about how she accidentally caused the demise of her kingdom and, in turn, he proposed a name change to the month. I supposed it was passed because all calendrical items have Vespia listed as the official name now. Personally, I think the Dagger of Vesepia makes more sense than the Dagger of Veerden.

Gem of Zarin
When it graces the sky during the month of Zartia, it literally glimmers brighter than all the other stars in the sky. It really is absolutely divine to gaze at. *He stares off into the distance as he speaks.*

George the gardener?
You've met him? What an interesting man! We spoke at length about his four homes, by the way. Fascinating barely manages to cover it! He was able to make his homes inside the trees, but not like the elves of Tirnwood have done. The trees look completely ordinary on the outside. Someday, I hope we'll be able to travel to Irilion. I'd sure love to see one of his homes.

Oh just look at that, a perfect Sword alignment! Perhaps we shall meet to look at the stars and moons together. Fare thee well, fellow moon gazer!