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NPC: Wimmip

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall Meeting Hall East Meeting Hall Hallway Animal Study Room

Coordinates: 270, 190

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Wimmip's Diseased Creatures

Studying "life" in the animal studies room in the Tarsengaard Magic School.


Speak the Words

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A small Gnomish woman stands before you. Her face is distressingly scrunched up and her breathing seems EL-DB.comextremely labored. You wonder whether she's about to have a heart attack or needs the nearest outhouse.

Are you well?
AHHHH!! AhhhhCHOOO!! Oh goodness me oh my. I do so humbly beg your pardon. You startled me just as I was about to sneeze and then I did sneeze: what an interesting sensation...kind of irritating at first, then rather explosive, and finishing with nearly a sense of pleasure, followed strangely by a desire to wipe and blow.

Is it a cold?
I'm afraid not. Rather it seems to be unseen things that my nose seems to be sensitive to. As I breathe in, I believe these invisible things irritate or tickle inside my nose forcing me to sneeze. Sometimes, I may sneeze several times in a row. And, it's possible that my sensitive nose may be detecting locations where these invisible things reside in large groupings. I call them allergens.

Oh most certainly. There are many such locations where my nose is able to detect those invisible ticklers. This place is ahhhh ahhhh AHHHCHOO, pardon me, a great example. I find nose ticklers around all sorts of flowers and dry straw and hay. I even find these allergens near all kinds of animals both living and dead, but especially the kinds with feathers or fur.

Who are you?
AhhhCHOO... So sorry. Please forgive my rudeness and my wet sleeve. My name is Wimmip. I'm a student of life: that is to say that I study life of all kinds: seen and unseen. Currently I'm studying "The Invisible Allergens and Their Impact on Various Life Forms through Empirical Observation". That's the name of the scientific paper I'm going to write that's going to make me a legend among other scientists.

Oh you know, swarms, hordes, crowds, throngs, flocks, packs, pods, herds. Since they're invisible, it's very difficult to determine how these things congregate together or to know what they eat, how they reproduce, whether or not they sleep, and whether or not they are intelligent. They are one of the many mysteries of life.

Absolutely. Does ahhh ahhHH CHOO, excuse me, a bee sneeze? When I'm around flowers a lot, I sneeze. I used to study that, trying to see what a bee looks like when it sneezes, but I had to give it up. When I get stung by a bee, I start to swell up and then I find it difficult to breathe. I've had to go running several times to the nurse's office for help from that.

Now besides locating swarms of nose ticklers and mapping their locations, I'm also tryiEL-DB.comng to study animals who encounter the swarms of nose ticklers to study their reactions.

Nurse's office
Aurora, she's the nurse, has an office around here somewhere. I usually get lost trying to find it. But sometimes when I'm there waiting for a moment of her time when she's able to attend to my needs, I run into others from the school. I've seen Hyutan in there a number of times, then there's Baidor who seems to run afoul of other students' pranks, and once, I even saw Lustra there.

He's the chef. He's trying to help me too, but personally, I think he's delusional. He keeps ahhh ahhHH CHOO, oh dear pardon me, thinking that "gluten-free" food will decrease my symptoms, but whether it's free or costly, there is no difference that I can tell. Now his kitchen, there's a place to delight my nose! Oh, I LOVE the smell of baking bread.

If you meet him, you'll understand what I mean. He's usually hiding out in the library. In there, fewer pranks tend to happen to him, but if you see him outside the library, you can just about bet other students are going to be around to trip him up, or attach signs to his back, or if they're in a particularly creative mood, waiting for him to pass through a doorway.

She seems to have a different kind of itch. She was a kind of ambassador, but that was long ago. I think her problem is in her feet and legs, they just want to keep going and going. She's a teacher here now, but all she ever talks about are her adventures. If only she were able to teach students how to do really good research, I'd have much more help tracking down these invisible nose ticklers.

Good luck with your paper.
Thank you, but luck is not needed, I have much practice. I've been studying all sorts of creatures and life in this room for years... that's what it is meant for. This paper will be my 677th paper I have written. The other subjects were more generic than my current one.

You study life?
Of course. I'm interesting in it all. Why do imps have a property that can cause heat damage? Why are Phantoms more susceptible to magic? What can Arctic Chimerans see past our spells of invisibility? These are some of the answers I'm trying to find.. But so far, I only got in trouble because of my curiousity..

Why yes, a mere number compared to other gnomes in their fields of study. I hope to one day catch up with Rena. I'EL-DB.comve read her thesis papers, and her topic is much more specified than mine. She nearly triples my amount of papers!

Yes, she studies the Fae.. you know.. brownies, sprites, leprechauns.. that sort. Last I heard she was still in Arius.

Aaaaccchhoooo! Sorry.. hope I didn't sneeze on you. Farewell.. and if you find the rare potion called Benadryl... please bring me some.