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NPC: Winston

Location: Sedicolis

Coordinates: 35, 69

Winston Jefferies the third is the mayor of Sedicolis.


Speak the Words

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*You see a middle-aged, gangly man, dressed in old, well polished armor. He stares aEL-DB.comt you suspiciously, then suddenly shouts to you* State your name and business here!

Just passing through.
*He looks at you intently* Where're ya from? What business have ya coming here? How long are ya staying? Are ya carrying any illegal weapons or drugs? Have ya been on any farms or in contact with any livestoaa-achoo! Aachooo! *He starts sneezing like crazy and searches his pockets until he finds a handkerchief, blowing his nose long and loud* Bl-ah-asted -choo- allergies!

I'm not telling you.
You're what? Why you best be tellin' me or ya ain't moving a step closer! *He shakes his spear at you and then holds it protectively across the entrance*

I'm still not telling you anything.
Hah! Well we don't want the likes of you 'round here! Now I'm a gonna count to 3 and if yer not gone I's gonna have to use some force!! Aaachoo! *He erupts in a fit of sneezing, dropping his spear and pulling a hanky out of a pocket* Bl-ah-asted -choo- allergies! Well I suppose ya can go through, just as long as ya aren't one of those blasted guards!

Those are some bad allergies!
Aaa-yes-choo. *He sneezes and blows his nose some more, his face red and eyes drooping* It's all this here dust. Such a dry region. Sometimes it just gets up in yer nose a-and-a-a-achooo! Oh bumbling blubberscum.

Why do you live here then?
Oh well, it don't happen to me that often-achoo. But this town needs me, needs a Mayor. I'd hate to see it fall into chaos, so I do my duty to the citizens here. I won't let them down!

Oh so you're the Mayor?
Yes I am. Winston Jefferies the third is my name. I been the Mayor here ever since my pa passed it on. And he was the Mayor before me, and his father before him. It is my rightful duty!

Will you pass it on to your son?
*He looks off into the distance, still sniffling from his sneezing fit* No. Sadly I never got me a wife and kids. But that young man over there? Seth's his name. Good fella he is. EL-DB.comHim I'm a trainin' to do some guard duty. Just startin' him off easy first. Not that I need any help with my duties that is. But I know one day, someone'll have ta take my place...

Is there much to do around here?
Well there's the tavern if you're lookin to get somethin' ta eat. They make some good rabbit stew 'round dinner time. Lotsa travelers come through here. Keeps me awful busy; gotta make sure they ain't bringin' in no diseases or nothin' illegal. And there's those pesky Goblins. Ugly, foul smelling creatures! Now if you'll excuse me, I have ta get back to keeping watch here.

There are some that I'm more proud of than others, but together we make a funny sort of family who look out for each other. Quinn looks out for Shantelle, despite what she does for a living, Paige brings enlightenment and religion to the people when they need it most and even outsiders, like Fgirr, who has become one of our own.

Don't let the town's image fool ya. We are one of the greatest cities in all of Irillion! *He chuckles* That's what my pa always said when he was Mayor. I didn't realize what he was talking about until I took his job.

Don't get it confused; this town doesn't have any guards besides Seth and me, but some of the guards from Melinis have a tendency to... misuse... our town. They act like they own the place and Shantelle has begun to complain about them. I decided that they aren't allowed in my town unless they promise to behave.

*He nods his head to you then turns around muttering something to himself. After a moment, the sound of nose meeting handkerchief can be heard.*