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NPC: Wylladam

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall Meeting Hall West Meeting Hall Hallway Underground Tunnel Tarsengaard Magic School Garden

Coordinates: 99, 65

A professor of herbology at the Tarsengaard Magic School.


Speak the Words

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Why hello there! *The woman smiles.* there something I can assist you with?

Can I get a drink?
Oh my stars and garters no! This isn't a public bar you see, this is a private lounge for professors, like myself, and private guests of the school! I'm only enjoying a beverage before my next lecture.

You're a professor?
How rude of me. I didn't recognize your face so I should have realized you weren't a student! My name is Wylladam - Professor of Herbology. It is quite a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

Private lounge
Look around you my dear: We're in paradise! This garden has been magically created and tended to for many years' time. It is a sanctuary for our students, guests and like-minded individuals. What better place to build a lounge than on paradise itself? The fresh air does the soul good.

Magically created?
The magic school is on the coast of Tarsengaard, correct? Did you see a floating garden next to it? Sure.. there is Roanof Island but the two are definitely different. This garden is farther out at sea. Nothing existed on that patch of ocean until the mages caused the lands to rise from the depths. It was then cultivated into what you see today. Thank the heavens, too.

I teach many of my lessons out here and there are plenty of other reasons to venture to this magical realm.

Oooh! I just love talking about herbology. It is the study of plants, namely the magical properties of plants. Since you aren't a student, I can't really delve into the topic too much, but there are many hidden attributes to all the flora you see around you everywhere! This garden is the perfect place to teach herbology. My students seem to learn better in this environment.

I have students from all over the globe to study under my wing. I'll be quite frank and say some arEL-DB.come not natural herbologists, but others, like Mario, have the green thumb of herbology, so to speak.

Have you not met him yet? Pity, he's such a dedicated boy. He is one of my Dormitory Moderators - a few responsible students who watch over the student chambers that I am in charge of. I am glad to see the position has not affected his studies. I can see him being a master of the field one day.

Roanof Island
The Land of Lucaa so it is called. Roanof Island acts as a temple to Lucaa, the goddess of nature and the seas. I pay homage there at times since the teachings are also passionate about plants like I am. I often invite Violet, a priestess of Lucaa, to the school to lecture my students on her knowledge of herbology.

So the tunnel goes under the ocean?
Oh dear me no. That would be one long tunnel! *She smiles at your naiveness.* When you cross the threshold of the cave to the garden, there is a powerful transport spell. You do not even realize you are stepping into a portal - the link between the school and garden is almost seamless. It's quite remarkable, really.

Perhaps you should enroll with the Grandmaster and you can find out for yourself. *She smiles quaintly.*

His name is Jerun if you have yet to meet him. He is the master of the four winds and the headmaster of this establishment. He's a very powerful mage in his own right, even without his wind magic.

Wind Magic
It is a special form of elemental magic. It's a type of magic that a mage must have a certain affinity to. There is not just wind magic, but fire, water, and earth magic as well. Some students are natural in one element, but not the others. Some even enroll in different schools to help develop their elemental conjures further.

I remember one student, Baya, started off in this school, but she had a natural affinity to water magic, she transferred to the Palon Vertas Magic School to learn under the guidance of the Grandmaster of Water.

Well, there is a guild master who comes to the garden to find solace. He often contemplates his life decisions in the central part of the garden. I always find him there and sometimes need to ask him to move so he doesn't disrupt my class. Then there is Warzorm, a bright student interested in astrology. He comes and sits upon the observation deck east of here because the garden has a great view of the stars.

Guild master
His name is Joseph and he is an alumnus to this school - a recent one at that. I hear he has some relation to Master Jerun, but I tend not to meddle in the personal life of the Grandmaster.

It was such a pleasure talking to you. If you ever need advice in the field of herbology, don't hesitate to ask me!