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NPC: Xaquelina

Location: Portland

Coordinates: 199, 52

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Perfume Ingredient Search
  2. Harvesting Daily

Creator and seller of many perfumes and colognes, relying on others to gather the materials she needs to make them.


Speak the Words

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You see a mysterious looking elf standing on the ship. A strange aroma seems to radiate from her, which maEL-DB.comkes you feel quite dizzy. As she greets you, you find yourself mesmerized by her husky and sensual voice.

Who are you?
I am Xaquelina. I have traveled across both continents numerous times, and have sold my wares in many lands and to many different people, though none quite so alluring as you... *She smiles enticingly.*

Can you not tell from the cornucopia of odors surrounding you? *She teases.* I sell many rare scents, perfumes and colognes. Or at least I would if my shipment of supplies would ever get here... *She sighs and pouts her lips.*

Would you like to buy some? They make great gifts, and some can even have a... magnetic effect when worn. *She winks conspiratorially.*

You don't honestly think I collect the ingredients myself, do you dear? I leave such tiresome and messy work for others. It may not be glamorous, but it's an excellent way for an untrained laborer to make some coin.

Sometimes it is harder for me to get supplies from within the city. I need a plethora of flowers in my line of work. *She pouts her lips again.* But Darla also buys flowers and is a big competitor for me to deal with. It causes me to outsource all the time.

The two known continents of Seridia and Irilion. We know there must be more, but these two are the only ones that have contact with each other. I often travel to Irilion and back to find new suppliers, and sell my wares. I don't like to stay in one place for long, so I'm particularly vexed by having to wait on supplies. *She scowls.*

Tsk tsk, you don't expect me to give up trade secrets do you? *She waves a finger at you chidingly, but with an amused smile on her face.* Only a few know the route, and are not willing EL-DB.comto impart the information, lest they lose their trading advantages. If you want to know more about Irilion itself, there are others more interested in such tedium than I. *She giggles.*

You smell divine
Why thank you! *She smiles indulgently.* It's my custom mixture of Yellow Rose Oil and Lilac Pollen. Do let me know if you'd like some for yourself or for a... friend. *She winks teasingly.* I can attest my scent can drive people wild. Koga for example... every time I walk by him, his eyes get wider than they already are! *She laughs*

Have you not noticed him? Well I can assure you that he has noticed you. You can find him on the other side of the docks. He just sits there all day and night watching people. A bit peculiar if you ask me. *She giggles and tussles with her hair.* From what I've heard, I have left a... hm.. 'lasting' impression on him. *She winks.*

She runs the flower shop up north. If I could get my hands on her stock, I'd be able to make a bountiful amount of scents for sale. Too bad I don't stoop to that level. *She says giggling.*

*She smiles* See you!

****Also has daily quest text****