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NPC: Zarian

Location: White Stone Svetlana's Crafting Consortium

Coordinates: 16, 218

Headmaster of Svetlana's Crafting Emporium in White Stone.


Speak the Words

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Hi there and welcome to Svetlana's Crafting Emporium. *The elven man greets with a smirk and a slight nod. You notice he's wearing a very ornate earring.*

Who are you?
*The man extends his hand outward and does a grand bow to you.* I am Zarian, not to be confused with our great goddess. *He beams.* I am the headmaster of this establishment.

She is the founder of this school and the first headmaster, too. I am the third headmaster to be in charge, but only by a minor technicality.

Nice earring
Why thank you. I get comments on its exquisiteness all the time.

Great Goddess
Zarin of course! *He exclaims.* You see, I come from a long line of crafters. As a sign of appreciation to her divine beauty, my parents blessed me with a variation of her name when I was born. It's really an honor you see. I earned great respect at Zarin's temple in Tarsengaard even before I joined the church.

Well I could easily be considered the second headmaster, but for a small span of a month. Moonflower was in charge of this school - more as a substitute than a replacement. Still, we have her listed in our records as an official headmaster.

She's a close friend of Svetlana's and very well-known among Zarin's followers. Moonflower is one of Zarin's priestesses, you see. She took the position as headmaster as a favor to Svetlana, but only until a suitable replacement was found. And here I am. *He smiles.*

Where were you found?
In Portland, my home. I was creating small trinkets and selling them to sailors and other travelers. Svetlana bought one of my bracelets and struck up EL-DB.coma conversation. When she found out who I was, she offered me the position on the spot. Needless to say, I took the job and I haven't looked back since.

Where is she now?
Your guess is as good as mine. She is traveling, that's about all I know. I receive a letter from her every so often, telling me of her travels and checking in of course. Last I heard, she was searching for a temple of gold somewhere in a jungle. It's pretty interesting to watch a crafter turn into an explorer.

Did you make it?
Oh, no. While I have very superior crafting skills, I doubt many could duplicate the artistry of this jewel. It's actually an heirloom that is passed down through each generation in my family. Once I have a son or daughter, I will pass it on to them.

Any chance on kids soon?
*He laughs nervously.* I would need a wife first!

Anyone catch your eye?
Well, there is this one beautiful elven maiden I know. *He pulls at his robe.* Is it hot in here or is it me? Anyway, she is a summoner and guild leader here in White Stone. I sometimes go down to the Grahm's Village Summoning Arena to watch her. Maia is her name. If you talk to her, you'll put in a good word for me, right?

Of course
Excellent. I've made her a special necklace, I just haven't had the guts to deliver it yet. I fear she doesn't even know I exist. *He sighs.* Maybe one day...

Farewell friend. I hope to see you back here soon.