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NPC: Zenith

Location: Naralik Catacombs

Coordinates: 86, 71

A member of the Black Cloaks who dabbles in magic.


Speak the Words

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A young man is seated precariously on the edge of the pathway. Though the heat is stifling EL-DB.comhe seems not to be bothered by it, despite the fact his feet are mere inches from the lava.

Aren't you hot?
*The man does not look up or seem surprised by your approach, you have a feeling he knew you were there.* Why yes, I do fancy myself to be uncommonly attractive in a way that females and occasionally my own gender find alluring.

Umm... that's not what I meant.
Isn't it? *He turns his head to look at you, smirking. He does happen to be rather handsome.* Doubtless you're actually referring to the lava I'm practically sitting on. In answer to that, no, I am not hot in that respect.

How do you stand it?
*As you ask you tug at your shirt slightly, making it obvious you are quite over-heated. Idly, the man waves his hand and suddenly you feel comfortably cool.* Magic is a handy thing. Being Zenith of the Black Cloaks doesn't keep you alive, but magic does... is there some reason besides my amazing good looks you sought a conversation?

That is my name, a nickname given to me by my brothers due to the fact I'm the tallest of the Black Cloaks. It's rather lame. *He shrugs.* You can call me Zen, most people do. A bit better isn't it? Enlightenment and such, since people achieve it by being around me. *He watches you with a teasing smile in his eyes.*

You're a mage?
I dabble in the art known as magic, however, I am first and foremost a sworn member of the Brotherhood of Black Cloaks.

Black Cloaks
The organization which governs and protects Morcraven Marsh, the land bordering this to the north.

What are you doing here?
Here? *He stares across the lava at a throne.* I'm effectively spying on the priests of Mortos who dwell in this infEL-DB.comernal hellish place. Also researching the possibility of exploiting the resources they think they can easily hoard.

Surely you've seen at least one of them scurrying around? They don't see me, I'm quite skilled in concealing myself. Both by magical and simply intelligent means. These priests serve the god Mortos who is responsible for the cursed monsters of the world which endlessly resurrect. I'm spying on them in an attempt to gather information on this foul mutation, in the hopes we can break the curse.

At first, I thought there was a work of powerful magic in front of me: I saw double of the head priest Dirhyan. I found out though it wasn't magic, they are in fact identical twins and the other priest I saw roaming the catacombs was Sirhyan. Pretty interesting, huh?

The Brotherhood of Black Cloaks needs weapons and armors if it is to serve Morcraven as it has strived to since its creation. Though we have mines in our own lands, they are crowded with visitors from other lands. These quiet mines have a potential for new metals untarnished by the masses.

The Curse of Mortos, as I said, monsters always coming back to life? Pesky habit they have. They must love my charm and good looks.

What Charm?
Ha! *He chuckles slightly.* You don't think I have any? I confess, I am sorely wounded by your words. It is a perplexing phenomena that people fail to notice my better qualities. Were I a crueler man I would teach you all to mind your manners. My skills in magic are quite undeniably remarkable. I'm invaluable in The Brotherhood, currently, I am the only truly adept mage among them.

I do not lie, did I not cool you, while you were inflamed by my presence? I know, I have such an effect on most people. Fear not, it shall pass. My skills are valuable in my pursuits of secrecy. Even more valuable should I stumble and the priests discover my presence. They would not be pleased. And alas, as my dear friend Vixen insists, my good looks cannot win all battles.

At the moment, she is the only sister among the Brotherhood. And she is a pretty thing to behold, yet despite my best efforts she insists on rejecting my most desperate attempts to EL-DB.comcourt her. Perhaps if I were a humbler man. *He smirks.* I know she finds me amusing, though she will deny it to her deathbed if I am not able to persuade her otherwise beforehand.

Watch your step on the way out, if you fall headfirst in the lava I doubt even my magic can save you.