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NPC: Zhena

Location: Grubani Peninsula

Coordinates: 165, 134

An orchan girl who gathers herbs for the shaman Throvnc.


Speak the Words

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*As you're walking through the countryside you stumble over something sticking out EL-DB.comof a bush and look down to see an Orchan girl* Ouch!! Hey you lookin' for a fight!?

No, sorry. Who are you?
Ahh my name is Zhena. Sorry about the reaction there... heh... *She blushes* I'm a little on edge.

Why are you on edge? see I'm gathering some herbs for Throvnc and I want them to be the best I can find. He's our shaman and our chieftain here in Omlinor and I just have to get him to notice me.

Why do you want to be noticed?
I want to become an Urnak of course! *She jumps up* I traveled far from our home land with Throvnc 'cause he's the shaman - a voice of Glydoc - and if I can get his approval I'm sure I can become an Urnak.

What's an Urnak?
You don't know? *She looks at you like you are slightly crazy* Why it's a great honor in the Orchan tradition to become an Urnak. But the problem is only males are allowed to take the rite of passage to become an Urnak. A female can only receive the title if the shaman or elders of the tribes decide it had been earned somehow like Zeeh.

Where did you travel from?
Why North Redmoon which holds one of the greatest Orchan cities! My tribe's been there for many years but after the Great War a few Orchans decided to move here to Serdia and try our luck in this place that most Humans, Elves and Dwarfs won't live.

Voice of Glydoc
Glydoc, our God, chooses shamans as his speakers or voices to the Orchan people. It's a great honor but also comes with some interesting side effects. Throvnc can't speak like you and I do it's... well... *She purses her lips in thought* different. Hard to explain. It's best if you go and meet him yourself. You can find him in Omlinor most of the time in the meeting hut.

Zeeh is my hero! *She seems to start talking faster* She fought in the Great War and earned the title of Urnak of Daa Gri. She's just an amazing warrior. She taught me and many of mEL-DB.comy Orchan friends back on Redmoon how to fight just as good as any male. That's why I just have to get Throvnc's attention so I can become an Urnak too! *She sighs and looks distant*

Why won't they live here?
Something about too many monsters runnin' around and that it would take too much to have something called an army to take care of it while building a city here. *She makes a confused face at you* Doesn't make much sense to me though, we Orchans are used to fighting monsters that surround our villages. It's everyone's duty to help defend our people.

I'm always killing a stray monster as I harvest plants for Throvnc. I consider it practice in becomin' a better warrior. Heimdall doesn't think the monsters are very strong but it's at least somethin'. Perhaps if I get good enough I can convince Throvnc to let me take the male Urnak rite of fighting a dragon, but I would have to go back to Redmoon for that, there are never any good dragons around here...

Yeah he's an Urnak in our tribe. He likes to tease me and say I'm no good at fightin'. *A fierce kind of look comes over her face* I'll show him someday and challenge him to a fight, then we'll see how well he does against a girl. I bet even Iluwen could beat him if she tried... he doesn't seem very bright.

Of course silly, all the Urnak males have to face a dragon. They climb up into the old volcano in North Redmoon. Most come back alive.

Who's Iluwen?
She's the harbormaster in Omlinor. She's very smart and built like a warrior but her tribe didn't let her even practice fightin'. I don't know her very well, she's always busy keepin' logs and makin' money for the tribe through trade.

And some don't?
Well sure the ones that are too weak might get eaten, but then they probably weren't strong enough to defend the tribe and raise a family. Most female Orchans won't agree to any kind of marriage until the male has completed his Urnak rite. It only makes good sense.

Cya around. Oh! And if you happen to see a white lily with purple spots on it can you let me kEL-DB.comnow! I think Throvnc is looking for one if I got the message right, but I've never seen one...