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NPC: Zyrilik

Location: Naralik Magic School

Coordinates: 36, 64

A cleric of Unolas, and the representative of the god in Naralik's magic arenas.


Speak the Words

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*You notice a strong sense of energy from this tall Draegoni even before you see him. As you approach, you get the stEL-DB.comrongest feeling that he has tallied up all your faults, weaknesses, and failings and laid them bare for all to see.*

Who are you?
An astute and literate observer would already know my name. However, since you appear to be neither, I shall indulge your curiosity. I am a cleric of Unolas and the current representative of Unolas in Naralik. High Priest Adrian sent me here on rather short notice and if you're unable to tell, I'm not at all happy with the assignment.

Good day.
Perhaps for you... regardless, accost me not with your trite salutatory pleasantries. Surely you must realize that you are in the Naralik Magic School. Since I have been banished to this backwater hellhole, I will have to make the most of this assignment, therefore, only Magic is taught here. I do not tolerate fools wanting to dabble in augury, conjuring, fortune-telling, legerdemain, necromancy,

prestidigitation, sorcery, voodoo or witchcraft. Which kind are you? Do you yet realize the ominous significance of that question?

What else would you call being sent away from the service and the presence of your god in his holy temple? Fyre is out to get me, I know it.

Did you look around before walking through my door? Not much to see outside is there? A few run down buildings and a do-nothing merchant peddling books for mundane people who have nothing better to do with their time than to attempt to derive a living toiling in the soil. That is certainly not what I would call 'living'. About the only person of interest out there is Serpa, a tiny gnome studying snakes.

'Assignment', 'Appointment', it matters not what it is called, but those fateful words have become emblazoned within my very psyche: 'Pack your things. The Naralik Magic School needs a master. You leave in the morning.' Such a heartless dismissal of my years of sacrifices and service, especially for someone with such remarkable abilities; abilities that are beyond those of my peers, and yet here I am.

Believe me; I use the term exceedingly loosely. A more poorly designed facility I have yet to see. I mean come on now, the statuary? Pointless. And who puts a library of books amEL-DB.comong braziers and wading pools? Clearly whoever designed this facility was completely ignorant of the amount of magic it takes to protect these books from smoke and mildew damage.

God! Why me? And why are you punishing me with the likes of THIS one? Very well, 'pearls before swine' and all that. Because perhaps by divine guidance or sheer dumb luck you managed to make your way here and because this happens to be a school and because I am its master, I shall grant you this small lesson. If you've studied much of anything at all, you may have encountered this phrase before:

'Knowledge is power.' Well, for some rare magicians such as me, knowing the true name of a thing grants the possessor of the knowledge abilities to control the thing.

Ser.. who?
*You watch as he sighs and rolls his eyes at you.* I spoke quite clearly before and yet you persist at provoking me. How easily your mind must wander that already you have forgotten exactly to whom you're addressing yourself and what I'm capable of.

She is another priest of Unolas. While Adrian sent me here, it was her words that convinced him to choose me out of all the other clerics to be sent here. I knew she always disliked me. While she is still my superior, I do my best to withhold my disdain for that woman. Half the time I walk by her in the temple, I pretend I don't see her and continue on.

*He sighs and while turning his back to you, waves you off.*