The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

Creature: Bulangiu


Attack/Defense: 145/145

Material Points: 22,000

Ethereal Points: 0

Achievement Level: Very High

Fighting bonus:
Book of Bulangiu Fighting Book of Bulangiu Fighting

Reading this book gives a +5 critical to hit and to damage bonus when fighting this creature.

Special Creature Features

  • Evanescence - Creature has a higher chance of dodging critical hits regardless of opponent's levels and attributes.
  • Mirror Skin - Chance that a blow to the creature will get deflected back to its opponent.
  • True Sight - (Invasion creatures only, not regular spawns.) The creature has the ability to see players who are Invisible due to potion or spell, and can attack them.


Rare Drops

Very Rare Drops

Invasion Drops

Gold Coins
0 to 50,000 Gold Coins

Instance Drops

Gold Coins
0 to 77,000 Gold Coins