The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

Creature: Invdrag


Attack/Defense: 160/160

Material Points: 1,200

Ethereal Points: 0

Respawn Time: 4,200 seconds

Achievement Level: Very High

Passive Creature, does not attack.

Special Creature Features

  • Invisibility - This creature cannot be seen unless a True Sight Potion or Magic is used.
  • Multi-Continent Map Changer - Creature can randomly move to another map while not in combat. Can appear on random maps on Seridia or Irilion.
  • Missile Protection - Has some protection against ranged weapons.
  • No Pinning - This creature cannot be pinned, that is: a "glitch" where it gets stuck attempting to attack an opponent when the path to reach them is too far.
  • Magic Resistance - The creature has some resistance to magic spells such as Harm, reducing or even possibly nullifying damage caused by magic.
  • Passive Invasioner - This is one of only a few creatures that will not attack players even when it is invaded (red name).


The Invdrag has a select set of maps which it can randomly appear on.

When not actually fighting, the Invdrag can randomly disappear, moving to one of the other maps it appears on.

There are currently 2 Invdrag spawns, which have no default maps they spawn on.


1 Banana
This may be replaced with one of the rare drops.
Gold Coins
0 to 30,000 Gold Coins
Point Defense
0 to 20 Point Defense
Number depends on if creature is ranged.

Rare Drops

Binding Stone
3 Binding Stone
(drops instead of Banana)
Daily cooldown reducer
3 Daily cooldown reducer
(drops instead of Banana)
Day of Reconstruction
1 Day of Reconstruction
(drops instead of Banana)
2 Grapes
(drops instead of Banana)
2 Orange
(drops instead of Banana)
Serpent Stone
3 Serpent Stone
(drops instead of Banana)
Vegetal Removal Stone
1 Vegetal Removal Stone
(drops instead of Banana)