The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

Creature: Nenorocit


Attack/Defense: 120/120

Material Points: 5,000

Ethereal Points: 0

Achievement Level: (unknown)

Special Creature Features

  • Passive Invasioner - This is one of only a few creatures that will not attack players even when it is invaded (red name).

How to Kill

Nenorocit is passive, even as an invasion creature, so it will not attack players.

The Nenorocit cannot be attacked at first, it can only lose health from mines and caltrops.

It carries Poison Antidotes, and can use them to nullify being poisoned.

Once it reaches 200HP or less, it can be attacked to finish it off using combat.

Neno currently has no spawns. They have the ability to change to a random map location (out of a set list of maps) at random times, about 1/2000 chance of changing maps for each second they stand still.


If the current game day is a Special Day, a Special Day or Bad Day Removal stone will drop. If it is not a Special Day, the Neno will use the stone instead when it reaches 100-150HP.

If he is attacked at under 200HP and fought till death, he will always drop a stone.

Gold Coins
50,000 Gold Coins
Poison Antidote
0 to 45 Poison Antidote
Number depends on how many it used when poisoned.

Rare Drops

Random Special Day Stone
1 Random Special Day Stone