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All Mixable Items

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ItemRec LvlBase Exp
Big Book of TailoringBig Book of Tailoring100400
Black Baggy PantsBlack Baggy Pants53290
Black Blue Striped Baggy PantsBlack Blue Striped Baggy Pants52280
Black bootsBlack boots88500
Black Buccaneer HatBlack Buccaneer Hat43200
Black Cavalier HatBlack Cavalier Hat47245
Black Cavalier Peacock HatBlack Cavalier Peacock Hat44220
Black doubletBlack doublet925200
Black DyeBlack Dye1735
Black FabricBlack Fabric2975
Black jacketBlack jacket925300
Black Purple Striped Baggy PantsBlack Purple Striped Baggy Pants51270
Black Red Striped Baggy PantsBlack Red Striped Baggy Pants48255
Black RobeBlack Robe58330
Black Robe SkirtBlack Robe Skirt63380
Black ScarfBlack Scarf36100
Black Tricorn HatBlack Tricorn Hat39180
Black TunicBlack Tunic67420
Black Tunic Black ShirtBlack Tunic Black Shirt72470
Black Tunic Green ShirtBlack Tunic Green Shirt71460
Black Tunic Purple ShirtBlack Tunic Purple Shirt71460
Black Tunic Red ShirtBlack Tunic Red Shirt72470
Black Tunic White ShirtBlack Tunic White Shirt70450
Black vestBlack vest77560
Black white dressBlack white dress82670
Black white skirtBlack white skirt86760
Black Wizard HatBlack Wizard Hat894000
Blue Cavalier HatBlue Cavalier Hat46240
Blue DyeBlue Dye1328
Blue FabricBlue Fabric2760
Blue green vestBlue green vest75520
Blue RobeBlue Robe58330
Blue Robe SkirtBlue Robe Skirt63380
Blue Tricorn HatBlue Tricorn Hat41200
Blue TunicBlue Tunic68430
Blue Tunic White ShirtBlue Tunic White Shirt69440
Brown Baggy PantsBrown Baggy Pants54300
Brown blue peasant dressBrown blue peasant dress915000
Brown Blue Peasant skirtBrown Blue Peasant skirt965000
Brown bootsBrown boots88500
Brown Buccaneer HatBrown Buccaneer Hat42190
Brown doubletBrown doublet925200
Brown FabricBrown Fabric3590
Brown jacketBrown jacket935300
Brown RobeBrown Robe59340
Brown Robe SkirtBrown Robe Skirt64390
Brown Tricorn HatBrown Tricorn Hat40190
Brown TunicBrown Tunic66410
Brown Tunic Blue ShirtBrown Tunic Blue Shirt73480
Brown Tunic White ShirtBrown Tunic White Shirt70450
Brown vestBrown vest78580
Cape of No More WarlockCape of No More Warlock503500
Gray FabricGray Fabric3370
Gray RobeGray Robe59340
Gray Robe SkirtGray Robe Skirt64390
Gray Wizard HatGray Wizard Hat894000
Green Cavalier Peacock HatGreen Cavalier Peacock Hat45240
Green DyeGreen Dye1125
Green FabricGreen Fabric2555
Green jacketGreen jacket935300
Green RobeGreen Robe56310
Green Robe SkirtGreen Robe Skirt61360
Green TunicGreen Tunic67420
Green white dressGreen white dress81650
Green white skirtGreen white skirt85740
Lavender TunicLavender Tunic66410
Light Blue RobeLight Blue Robe57320
Light Blue Robe SkirtLight Blue Robe Skirt62370
Mage Robe PantsMage Robe Pants711350
Mage Robe ShirtMage Robe Shirt711350
Navy doubletNavy doublet925200
Navy jacketNavy jacket935300
Orange DyeOrange Dye718
Orange FabricOrange Fabric2145
Purple DyePurple Dye1531
Purple FabricPurple Fabric3165
Purple peasant dressPurple peasant dress915000
Purple Peasant skirtPurple Peasant skirt965000
Purple RobePurple Robe56310
Purple Robe SkirtPurple Robe Skirt61360
Purple white dressPurple white dress79620
Purple white skirtPurple white skirt84720
Red DyeRed Dye515
Red FabricRed Fabric1940
Red pink dressRed pink dress83690
Red pink skirtRed pink skirt87780
Red RobeRed Robe60350
Red Robe SkirtRed Robe Skirt65400
Red ScarfRed Scarf37110
Red TunicRed Tunic68430
Red Tunic White ShirtRed Tunic White Shirt69440
Red vestRed vest76540
Santa HatSanta Hat802000
Skull Crossbones ScarfSkull Crossbones Scarf38120
Tunic of the NinjaTunic of the Ninja742000
Universal HoodUniversal Hood741000
White blue peasant dressWhite blue peasant dress915000
White Blue Peasant skirtWhite Blue Peasant skirt965000
White bootsWhite boots88500
White doubletWhite doublet925200
White FabricWhite Fabric19
White gold wedding dressWhite gold wedding dress904200
White Gold wedding skirtWhite Gold wedding skirt955500
White red peasant dressWhite red peasant dress915000
White Red Peasant skirtWhite Red Peasant skirt965000
White Red Striped Baggy PantsWhite Red Striped Baggy Pants49260
White RobeWhite Robe57320
White Robe SkirtWhite Robe Skirt62370
White silver wedding dressWhite silver wedding dress904200
White Silver wedding skirtWhite Silver wedding skirt955500
White TunicWhite Tunic68430
White Wizard HatWhite Wizard Hat894000
White Wizard Hat of Life and ManaWhite Wizard Hat of Life and Mana10010054
Yellow DyeYellow Dye922
Yellow FabricYellow Fabric2350
Yellow RobeYellow Robe60350
Yellow Robe SkirtYellow Robe Skirt65400
ItemRec LvlBase Exp