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Client version 1.9.6

Item: Cape of No More Warlock

Base Info

Cape of No More Warlock

Same as No More Tears Cape, but with a +8 Magic Resistence, and it is breakable (though hard to break).

Cape provides the No More Tears perk. Cannot be worn if you already have the perk.

UNDROPPABLE! This item cannot be dropped on death.

Weight: 4 emu

Stackable: no

Storage: clothes

Server Description: Gives the NMT perk and increases the magic resistence by 8, while also providing some camouflage.

Item ID / Image ID: 337 / 227

When Worn

Wear Slot: Back

Break Chance on Being Hit in Combat: Incredibly Low

Magic Resistence: +8

Light Modifier: -5

To Make

Skill: Tailoring

Recommended Skill Level: 50

Base Experience: 3,500

Food Used Per Mix: 14

Required Knowledge:
Book of No More Warlock Book of No More Warlock

Required Nexus: Magic 4


Total Ingredient Weight: 16 emu

In Comparison

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Cape Protective Gear

ItemCold ProtHeat ProtMag Res
Cape of No More Warlock Cape of No More Warlock 008
Fur Cloak Fur Cloak6-30
Warlock's Cloak Warlock's Cloak008
ItemCold ProtHeat ProtMag Res