The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

Creature: Tank Rabbit

Tank Rabbit

Attack/Defense: Unknown

Material Points: 150

Ethereal Points: 63

Achievement Level: (unknown)

Special Creature Features

  • Evanescence - Creature has a higher chance of dodging critical hits regardless of opponent's levels and attributes.
  • High Armor/Toughness - Creature has a high armor or toughness level rendering it much harder to kill than a normal creature of the same stats.

Summons Only

The Tank Rabbit is the only creature in the game that is only seen by being summoned. It has no spawns nor is it an invasion or other creature.

Its primary function is, per its name, to work as a tank on creatures in battle.


Summoned creatures have no drops.

How to Summon

MULTIPLE: A single mix will summon 2 of this creature.

Recommended Summoning Level: 58

Base Summoning Experience: 200

Required Animal Nexus: 6

Mana Used: 63

Required Reading:

Summoned Creature's Attack:
? * (100 + (YourSummonLevel/2))%

Summoned Creature's Defense:
? * (50 + (YourSummonLevel/2))%

Your Charm attribute increases the critical to hit and critical to damage rates for summons, and may also cause you to summon 1 more creature than is normal.

The attack and defense shown above are estimates based on best known information.


Total Ingredient Weight: 5 emu