The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

Creature: Castellan


Attack/Defense: 170/110

Material Points: 32,000

Ethereal Points: 0

Achievement Level: Very High

Special Creature Features

  • Mirror Skin - Chance that a blow to the creature will get deflected back to its opponent.
  • I Glow in the Dark - Creature causes additional radiation damage to an opponent each time the opponent hits or is hit.
  • Item User - Creature can use items in its inventory, with no cooldown between uses.
  • Weapon User - Creature can use any weapons it has in inventory (see its drop list). The weapons may be broken while creature uses them and thus may not drop.
  • Summon Helpers - Creature will at various times summon groups of other creatures to attack its opponents. Summons are done at intervals based on creature's material points.

Special Behaviors

The Castellan can use GHPs and Poison Antidotes as needed, and has Point Defense to reduce ranging damage.

Because of GHPs and Staff of Protection, the Castellan's actual health total is normally closer to 72,000.

When Castellan's health is reduced to certain numbers, it will spawn creatures:

Remember that the spawned Giants can also spawn 2 Black Bears each.


Golden Star Mace
0 to 1 Golden Star Mace
Won't drop if broken in combat.
Point Defense
0 to 2,800 Point Defense
Amount depends on how much it is ranged.
Poison Antidote
0 to 12 Poison Antidote
Depends on how many used by the creature.
Potion of Great Healing
0 to 500 Potion of Great Healing
Get used by the creature, normally none left.
Staff of Protection
0 to 1 Staff of Protection
Won't drop if broken in combat.

Rare Drops

Invasion Drops

Gold Coins
150,000 to 350,000 Gold Coins

Instance Drops

Gold Coins
200,000 to 835,000 Gold Coins
4 to 7 Orange

Instance Rare

Random Special Day Stone
1 Random Special Day Stone