The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

Item: Potion of Great Healing

Base Info

Potion of Great Healing

Material (Health) Increase on Use: 80

Cooldown on Use: 6 seconds

Weight: 1 emu

Stackable: yes

Storage: potions

Rare Chance of Making When Mixing: Potion of Body Restoration Potion of Body Restoration

Server Description: Increases your material points by 80

Item ID / Image ID: 285 / 244

To Make

Skill: Potion

Recommended Skill Level: 40

Base Experience: 500

Food Used Per Mix: 30

Required Knowledge:

Required Nexus: Vegetal 5

MULTIPLE ITEMS: A single mix will produce 30 of this item.


Total Ingredient Weight: 5 emu

Total Final Product Weight: 30 emu

TAKE NOTE! For this mix, the produced product weighs more than the ings. Have free inventory space when mixing.

Dropped By