The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

Creature: Fluffy Rabbit

Fluffy Rabbit

Attack/Defense: 95/95

Material Points: 250

Ethereal Points: 0

Respawn Time: 26 seconds

Ignore Level: 81 Defense

Achievement Level: High

Fighting bonus:
Book of Fluffy Fighting Book of Fluffy Fighting

Reading this book gives a +5 critical to hit and to damage bonus when fighting this creature.

Locations - 30



Note: Counts do not include spawns that are on multiple maps, such as for quests.


Gold Coins
0 to 55 Gold Coins

Rare Drops

Very Rare Drops

How to Summon

MULTIPLE: A single mix will summon 3 of this creature.

Recommended Summoning Level: 35

Base Summoning Experience: 750

Required Animal Nexus: 2

Mana Used: 40

Required Reading:
Book of Fluffy Summoning Book of Fluffy Summoning

Summoned Creature's Attack:
95 * (100 + (YourSummonLevel/2))%

Summoned Creature's Defense:
95 * (50 + (YourSummonLevel/2))%

Your Charm attribute increases the critical to hit and critical to damage rates for summons, and may also cause you to summon 1 more creature than is normal.

The attack and defense shown above are estimates based on best known information.


Total Ingredient Weight: 4 emu

Can alternatively be summoned with: Fluffy Summoning Stone Fluffy Summoning Stone