The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

Creature: Leonard


Ignores MM! This creature ignores the Monster Magnetism Perk and Cloak.

Attack/Defense: Varies

Material Points: Varies

Ethereal Points: 0

Respawn Time: 41 seconds

Ignore Level: (unknown)

Achievement Level: High

Special Creature Features

  • Irilion Map Changer - Creature can randomly move to another map while not in combat. Can appear on random maps on Irilion.
  • Night Stalker - Creature only appears at night. Announces when he arrives and goes to sleep at daylight on chat channels 6 and 8.
  • Item User - Creature can use items in its inventory, with no cooldown between uses.
  • Creature Attacker - Creature will attack spawns and invasion monsters it thinks it can kill. Its attributes increase the more it kills, until it is killed and resets. It takes any gold coins dropped as well as any other items it can use, leaving the rest behind.
  • Camouflage - Creature has lower visibility thus can be harder to see at night than normal creatures.


Leonard can randomly appear on most any outdoor Irilion (C2) map at night, and randomly changes maps throughout the night. He has no default map that he appears on.

He may also appear during the day on Special Day "Day of Leonard".

There is only 1 Leonard spawn.

Unique Behaviors

Leonard only appears on Irilion (C2), and only at night.

Leonard's stats grow as he kills more creatures and players, until he is killed himself and his stats reset.

Because he can use up to 30 Rings of Disengagement, he's a rare creature that can break off combat on his own to avoid being killed. He also has no cooldown on their use, unlike players.

As well, he has healing potions that he can use to restore his health.

On Special Day "Day of Leonard", he will remain out even during daytime, and he will be stronger than normal by default.

The (alpha) next to his name indicates he is the alpha leopard.

When Leonard kills a player, or is killed himself, he announces it in chat channels 6 and 8.


Leonard has no gold coins by default, but picks them up from any creatures he kills.

Other rare item drop amounts depend on how many he's used since he last respawned.

It's possible he may drop other unlisted items if it's something he picks up from his kills. However, what he picks up is very limited.

Rare Drops

Gold Coins
0 to ? Gold Coins
Any he picks up from killing creatures.
Potion of Body Restoration
0 to 30 Potion of Body Restoration
Depends on how many used by the creature.
Potion of Great Healing
0 to 20 Potion of Great Healing
Depends on how many used by the creature.
Ring of Disengagement
0 to 30 Ring of Disengagement
Depends on how many used by the creature.