The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

Creature: Male Goblin

Male Goblin

Attack/Defense: 28/25

Material Points: 45

Ethereal Points: 0

Respawn Time: 43 seconds

Ignore Level: 69 Combat Level (approximate)
The exact way to determine combat level is unknown. All are best guesses.

Achievement Level: Low

Fighting bonus:
Book of Goblin Fighting Book of Goblin Fighting

Reading this book gives a +5 critical to hit and to damage bonus when fighting this creature.

Special Creature Features

  • Noob Boss - This creature randomly spawns with 20 extra material points, and has a random perk such as Mirror Skin or Self-Destruct, making it harder to kill. Noob Bosses can randomly rare drop a Random Item Giver. The extra 20 health is the only indication of a Noob Boss compared to a normal spawn.

Locations - 30



Note: Counts do not include spawns that are on multiple maps, such as for quests.


Gold Coins
0 to 8 Gold Coins

Rare Drops

Very Rare Drops