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Unofficial Data

This site provides known data about the game Eternal Lands. It is not a wiki. Information is drawn from a database instead, allowing the information to be easily used where needed on any given page.

Use the menu button at the top right to navigate, though for best results use the search above for what you specifically need.

No Secrets! Secrets are not provided on these pages, so linking to this site will be okay in the game per EL rules. (Logged in users can add secrets that they've found, and those secrets will appear on map pages just to that user.)

All general info is available without an account. An account will allow you to track secrets, as well as several other features that are coming in the near future.

NOTICE: This site is unofficial. Do not bother game devs and moderators with issues concerning this site.

Site News

Oct 16, 2023

Lots of improvements and content additions this time around!

New Info Pages

The Info section now includes pages for the Gods, Special Days, as well as Nexus and Attributes.

Skill Pages Heavily Updated

Every skill page now not only exists, but has finally been updated to include actual skill information.

Item lists on the skill pages are expanded to include required Nexus, and can be sorted based on those.

Item > Essence pages now also list what magic spells they get used for.

Much Improved Pagefinder Bar

The back end of the Pagefinder (left part of the top navigation bar) has made searching for pages much easier.

  1. Map searches were previously limited to primary external maps. Many internal locations will now appear in results. (Just the important ones, not every individual unused house and such.)
    This means some of the more important secret locations can be viewed by searching, though how to enter them will not be shown.
  2. Short Names and Nicknames for Maps, Items, and Creatures can now be entered and get the correct page. ACW, IotF, PL, HE, SR, Milf, Lenny, Ivan, etc.
  3. Some incorrect spellings will also pull up the right page, including the game's own misspellings. Racoon/Raccoon, Iscalrith/Iscarlith, etc.
  4. Every God, Nexus, Attribute, Cross Attribute, Magic Spell, Sigil, and Special Day will give a result.
  5. Entering the name of a specially marked area on a map will cause that map to be a result. (ex: Typing Tirnwood Vale will turn up White Stone, Jahir Beach will show Idaloran...)

IS A SHORT/NICKNAME NOT WORKING? I don't know them all or didn't recall them while doing this, so go to the page in question while logged in, click the "Content Report" button at the bottom of the page, and tell me what I missed. Only for nick and short names that are substantially different and will not turn up in search, please. "Theli" instead of "Thelinor", for example, is going to turn up in search so it doesn't matter.

Layout Tweaks

New "Go to Top" button at bottom corner of pages since some of the pages are hellaciously long.

Some changes to the design were made to reduce the page length a bit. Most noticeable on computers, though some changes affect handheld devices.

Dec 12, 2022

Report Content Issues

When logged in, you'll see a "Content Report" in the footer of every page.

If you feel there's an issue with content on a particular page, whether it needs changing or you have additional info, you can click that and submit a report. Your reports will be available to view on your Member page on submission.

You can also submit things like if you have an issue entering a secret... go to the page the secret is supposed to be on, then submit a report giving exactly what you're entering for that secret.

More Secret Hints and How Many Found

You now get 5 secret hints on your member page instead of 3.

As well, each hint now shows how many players have already successfully submitted that secret.

Quest Tracker Tweak

Quests marked as complete are now highlighted to more easily see which are incomplete.

Map Page Harv Locations Reduced

Some harvestables on map pages weren't grouped if they were near others of the same type like other pages, so that's been done on all maps, reducing the length of the list for some.

Ex: Palon Vertas, originally had 108 coordinates listed for Vegetables, now only has 2 coordinates, one for each group of veggies on the map.

Minor Stuffs

- Added a missing Tiger coordinates in SRM.

- Updated some NPC images where their surroundings were changed in 1.9.6 (Guild trade NPCs, Gingerel, etc.)

- Minor tweaking of the site design for better display in various browsers.

Oct 05, 2022

NPC Details Expanded

The NPC section has gotten a lot of love, starting with organizing the list of NPCS into map sections.

The NPC pages themselves now include coordinates of the NPC, what quests are started with that NPC (if any), a basic description, and the words each speaks.

Page Title Fixes

Some page titles (what shows in the top of the browser when viewing the page, and what shows as a bookmark when bookmarking that individual page) were still not showing correctly. Hopefully all are now showing correctly.

Aug 03, 2022

Adding Your Alt Characters

(If you wish) Add your alt char names via your user page. Confirmation of each required.
This will be used for things such as keeping track of your quest status for each individual alt.
Your alt list itself is private, others won't see who your alts are.

Quest List, and Tracking

A Quest List page is now available at Info > Quests in the menu.

You now have the ability to track the quests that you've completed, for your main character and the alts you added. You can mark them as completed, or leave a brief note as to where you've left off on each.

If you've added names of your Alts, you'll be able to switch between alt names and keep track of each individually.

The tracking system can be accessed (when logged in) from the Quests page, or a direct link to the tracking system is on your member page.

Page Title Fixes

The page title (shows for your bookmarks, title of the browser window) have been fixed to show the specific page name for all pages. Was missing on some.

Jul 24, 2022 is live!

It took a lot longer than expected due to real life stuffs, but enough is completed to be deemed worth releasing the site.

Info available for Maps, Creatures, Items, and more. NPC pages are still a work in progress, including only sales tables and locations. Skill pages are also a work in progress, only showing mixable-summonable items. Att/Def and Magic pages don't exist at all yet.

Track your Secrets! With a logged in account, you can enter every secret you find and see how many more there are to locate. On your account page, you'll get hints for 3 random secrets. Some hints are easier to figure out than others, of course. Can you find them all? On creating an account, 6 secrets will be automatically opened to you. These are a handful just to get you started that most everyone knows, such as those on Isla Prima and the EVTR mine entrance.

More to come!


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