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Client version 1.9.6

Item: Warlock's Cloak

Base Info

Warlock's Cloak

Provides +8 magic resistence, and some slight camouflage with a -5 light modifier.

Weight: 4 emu

Stackable: no

Storage: clothes

Server Description: 8 magic resistence, provides some camouflage

Item ID / Image ID: 339 / 126

When Worn

Wear Slot: Back

Break Chance on Being Hit in Combat: High

Magic Resistence: +8

Light Modifier: -5

Dropped By

Ways Used

Ingredient For Mixing

In Comparison

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Cape Protective Gear

ItemCold ProtHeat ProtMag Res
Cape of No More Warlock Cape of No More Warlock008
Fur Cloak Fur Cloak6-30
Warlock's Cloak Warlock's Cloak 008
ItemCold ProtHeat ProtMag Res