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Client version 1.9.6

Item: Fire bolts

Base Info

Fire bolts

Mana Burn Opponent: 15% chance

Weight: 2 emu

Stackable: yes

Storage: weapons

Server Description: 10 normal, 10 heat damage, 15% chance to do mana burn, inaccurate!

Item ID / Image ID: 892 / 600

When Worn

Wear Slot: Shield/Arrow hand

Break Chance on Hit in Combat: Very Easily Breaks

Mana Burn Opponent: 15% chance

Missile Accuracy: -10

Missile Damage: +10

Heat Damage: +10

Accuracy: -15

Defense: -30

Critical to Hit: -15

Light Modifier: +3

To Make

Skill: Engineering

Recommended Skill Level: 43

Base Experience: 2,800

Food Used Per Mix: 20

Required Knowledge:
Book of Fire bolts Book of Fire bolts

Required Nexus: Artificial 3

MULTIPLE ITEMS: A single mix will produce 65 of this item.

Tools for Mixing:
Carving Knife Carving Knife


Total Ingredient Weight: 261 emu

Total Final Product Weight: 130 emu

NPC Offers

MapNPC Sells forBuys at
Morcraven Marsh Morcraven MarshBowerBower150 75
MapNPC Sells forBuys at
Irinveron IrinveronArcusArcus150 75

In Comparison

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Shields and Arrows

ItemCold DmgHeat DmgMag DmgMag ProtMag ResDefAccCrit HitMis Prot
Blue Dragon Shield Blue Dragon Shield000608002
Bronze Shield Bronze Shield000048-2-15
Custom Shield Custom Shield000003000
Enhanced Wooden Shield Enhanced Wooden Shield000005-1-10
Fire arrows Fire arrows035000-30-25-150
Fire bolts Fire bolts 010000-30-15-150
Ice arrows Ice arrows400000-30-25-150
Ice bolts Ice bolts100000-30-15-150
Iron Shield Iron Shield000006-2-20
Magic arrows Magic arrows001500-30-25-150
Magic bolts Magic bolts001000-30-15-150
Steel Shield Steel Shield000407-2-20
Titanium Shield Titanium Shield000408000
Titanium Shield of Life Drain Titanium Shield of Life Drain000408000
Used Blue Dragon Shield Used Blue Dragon Shield000607002
Used Titanium Shield Used Titanium Shield000408000
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield000004-1-10
ItemCold DmgHeat DmgMag DmgMag ProtMag ResDefAccCrit HitMis Prot