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All Mixable Items

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ItemRec LvlBase Exp
Creature foodCreature food64450
Invisibility PotionInvisibility Potion44150
Magic PotionMagic Potion34120
Mixture of PowerMixture of Power531200
Nightshade - Mullein - Dandelion ExtractNightshade - Mullein - Dandelion Extract37470
Poison AntidotePoison Antidote40125
Poison Ivy - Henbane - Poppies ExtractPoison Ivy - Henbane - Poppies Extract39550
Potion of AccuracyPotion of Accuracy46160
Potion of Action PointsPotion of Action Points795500
Potion of AlchemyPotion of Alchemy50190
Potion of AttackPotion of Attack1855
Potion of Attack ReductionPotion of Attack Reduction73950
Potion of Body RestorationPotion of Body Restoration2475
Potion of Cold ProtectionPotion of Cold Protection56210
Potion of CoordinationPotion of Coordination1030
Potion of CraftingPotion of Crafting32100
Potion of DefensePotion of Defense825
Potion of Defense ReductionPotion of Defense Reduction76950
Potion of EngineeringPotion of Engineering60510
Potion of EvasionPotion of Evasion48170
Potion of Extra ManaPotion of Extra Mana36500
Potion of FeastingPotion of Feasting2270
Potion of Great HealingPotion of Great Healing40500
Potion of HarvestingPotion of Harvesting2690
Potion of Heat ProtectionPotion of Heat Protection56230
Potion of ManaPotion of Mana05
Potion of ManufacturingPotion of Manufacturing2895
Potion of Minor HealingPotion of Minor Healing29
Potion of PhysiquePotion of Physique620
Potion of PotionPotion of Potion52210
Potion of Radiation ProtectionPotion of Radiation Protection62250
Potion of ReasoningPotion of Reasoning415
Potion of Speed HaxPotion of Speed Hax70550
Potion of Spirit RestorationPotion of Spirit Restoration2065
Potion of SummoningPotion of Summoning30105
Potion of VitalityPotion of Vitality1650
Potion of WildnessPotion of Wildness1235
Potion of WillPotion of Will1445
Red Currents - Blue Berries - Rue ExtractRed Currents - Blue Berries - Rue Extract41600
Refined Vegetal MixtureRefined Vegetal Mixture511200
True Sight PotionTrue Sight Potion42140
Wheat - Daffodils - Feran Horn ExtractWheat - Daffodils - Feran Horn Extract47660
Wheat - Valerian - Mugwort ExtractWheat - Valerian - Mugwort Extract45640
White Chanterelle - Ogre Toes - Tree Mushroom ExtractWhite Chanterelle - Ogre Toes - Tree Mushroom Extract43620
Yarrow - Wormwood - Tulips ExtractYarrow - Wormwood - Tulips Extract35450
ItemRec LvlBase Exp