The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

NPC: Trik

Location: White Stone

Coordinates: 693, 171

Type: Manu Item Purchaser

Buys a variety of armor, weapons, and other manufacturing items at White Stone docks.


Buys 19 items

Enhanced Wooden Shield Enhanced Wooden Shield90
Fur Pants Fur Pants75
Fur Torso Fur Torso75
Iron Battle Hammer Iron Battle Hammer350
Iron Broad Sword Iron Broad Sword270
Iron Chain Mail Iron Chain Mail100
Iron Helm Iron Helm75
Iron Shield Iron Shield200
Iron Sword Iron Sword175
Leather Boots Leather Boots45
Leather Gloves Leather Gloves20
Leather Helm Leather Helm20
Leather Pants Leather Pants40
Padded Leather Armor Padded Leather Armor50
Quarterstaff Quarterstaff260
Steel Long Sword Steel Long Sword450
Wooden Battle Hammer Wooden Battle Hammer145
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield50
Wooden Staff Wooden Staff185