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Item: Titanium Greave

Base Info

Titanium Greave

Weight: 4 emu

Stackable: no

Storage: armor

Degrades Into:
Used Titanium Greave Used Titanium Greave

Human Nexus Required to Wear: 4

Server Description: 4-5 armor, +1 cold, heat and magic protection, 3 radiation protection

Item ID / Image ID: 453 / 364

When Worn

Wear Slot: Feet

Break Chance on Being Hit in Combat: Incredibly Low

Cold Protection: +1

Heat Protection: +1

Magic Protection: +1

Radiation Protection: +3

Armor: +4-5

Light Modifier: +6

To Make

Skill: Manufacturing

Recommended Skill Level: 56

Base Experience: 2,200

Food Used Per Mix: 40

Required Knowledge:
Book of Titanium Greaves Book of Titanium Greaves

Required Nexus: Artificial 5

Rare Chance of Mixing:
Titanium Greave of MirroringTitanium Greave of Mirroring

Tools for Mixing:
Hammer Hammer,  Needle Needle


Total Ingredient Weight: 12 emu

NPC Offers

MapNPC Sells forBuys at
Idaloran IdaloranHoreaHorea52,000 26,000

In Comparison

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Foot Armor

ItemAvg ArmArm MinArm MaxCold ProtHeat ProtMag ProtRad ProtMag ResAccMis Prot+EP
Black boots Black boots11100000000
Black Dragon Greave Black Dragon Greave66603310000
Blue Dragon Greave Blue Dragon Greave66600400025
Bronze Greave Bronze Greave5.55600222020
Brown boots Brown boots11100000000
Damaged Black Dragon Greave Damaged Black Dragon Greave55502210000
Damaged Bronze Greave Damaged Bronze Greave4.545-1-1212-100
Damaged Ice Dragon Greave Damaged Ice Dragon Greave55522200000
Damaged Iron Greave Damaged Iron Greave1.512-2-1010000
Damaged Red Dragon Greave Damaged Red Dragon Greave66601110000
Enhanced Iron Greave Enhanced Iron Greave444-1-1020000
Fur Boots Fur Boots0003-1000000
Ice Dragon Greave Ice Dragon Greave66633300000
Iron Greave Iron Greave2.523-2-1010000
Leather Boots Leather Boots11111000000
Red Dragon Greave Red Dragon Greave66602200000
Steel Greave Steel Greave5.556-1-1030000
Steel Greave of Ubber Defense Steel Greave of Ubber Defense5.556-1-1020000
Titanium Greave Titanium Greave 4.54511130000
Titanium Greave of Mirroring Titanium Greave of Mirroring4.54511130000
Used Blue Dragon Greave Used Blue Dragon Greave55500400025
Used Steel Greave Used Steel Greave444-1-1020000
Used Titanium Greave Used Titanium Greave4.54511130000
White boots White boots11100000000
ItemAvg ArmArm MinArm MaxCold ProtHeat ProtMag ProtRad ProtMag ResAccMis Prot+EP