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Item: Titanium Helm

Base Info

Titanium Helm

Weight: 1 emu

Stackable: no

Storage: armor

Degrades Into:
Used Titanium Helm Used Titanium Helm

Human Nexus Required to Wear: 4

Server Description: +3 armor, 1 radiation, cold, heat and magic protection

Item ID / Image ID: 452 / 365

When Worn

Wear Slot: Head

Break Chance on Being Hit in Combat: Very Low

Cold Protection: +1

Heat Protection: +1

Magic Protection: +1

Radiation Protection: +1

Magic Resistence: +1

Armor: +3

Light Modifier: +3

To Make

Skill: Manufacturing

Recommended Skill Level: 54

Base Experience: 2,000

Food Used Per Mix: 40

Required Knowledge:
Book of Titanium Helmet Book of Titanium Helmet

Required Nexus: Artificial 5

Rare Chance of Mixing:
Titanium Helm of LifeTitanium Helm of Life

Tools for Mixing:
Hammer Hammer


Total Ingredient Weight: 53 emu

NPC Offers

MapNPC Sells forBuys at
Idaloran IdaloranHoreaHorea32,000 16,000

In Comparison

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Head Armor

ItemAvg ArmArm MinArm MaxCold ProtHeat ProtMag ProtRad ProtMag ResMis Prot+MP+EP
Black Dragon Helm Black Dragon Helm4440211202525
Blue Dragon Helm Blue Dragon Helm4440020214545
Bronze Helm Bronze Helm33300063600
Crown of Life Crown of Life0000000001500
Crown of Mana Crown of Mana0000000000150
Damaged Crown of Life Damaged Crown of Life0000000001000
Damaged Crown of Mana Damaged Crown of Mana0000000000100
Damaged Ice Dragon Helm Damaged Ice Dragon Helm3332200002020
Fur Hat Fur Hat0002-1000000
Ice Dragon Helm Ice Dragon Helm4442200002525
Iron Helm Iron Helm222-1-1000000
Leather Helm Leather Helm11110000000
Raccoon hat Raccoon hat0002-1000000
Red Dragon Helm Red Dragon Helm4440211102020
Red Dragon Helm Of Life and Mana Red Dragon Helm Of Life and Mana44402111017040
Skunk hat Skunk hat0002-1000000
Steel Helm Steel Helm33300031000
Steel Helm of Mana Steel Helm of Mana3330001100150
Titanium Helm Titanium Helm 33311111000
Titanium Helm of Life Titanium Helm of Life3331111101500
Used Blue Dragon Helm Used Blue Dragon Helm3330020214545
Used Steel Helm Used Steel Helm33300011000
Used Titanium Helm Used Titanium Helm33311111000
White Wizard Hat of Life and Mana White Wizard Hat of Life and Mana00000000015040
ItemAvg ArmArm MinArm MaxCold ProtHeat ProtMag ProtRad ProtMag ResMis Prot+MP+EP