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All Mixable Items

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ItemRec LvlBase Exp
Arrow/bolt head moldArrow/bolt head mold701200
Big Book of CraftingBig Book of Crafting100370
Blank paperBlank paper76370
Crown of LifeCrown of Life611050
Crown of ManaCrown of Mana601000
Empty VialEmpty Vial1430
Enhanced Iron CuissesEnhanced Iron Cuisses45600
Enhanced Iron GreaveEnhanced Iron Greave41500
Enhanced Iron Plate MailEnhanced Iron Plate Mail531000
Enhanced Sun MedallionEnhanced Sun Medallion80470
Enhanced Unicorn MedallionEnhanced Unicorn Medallion78450
Gatherer MedallionGatherer Medallion681200
Gold MedallionGold Medallion735
Gold RingGold Ring114
Harvester MedallionHarvester Medallion43400
Heavenspawn MedallionHeavenspawn Medallion47450
Medallion of LifeMedallion of Life511000
Medallion of ManaMedallion of Mana722000
Moon MedallionMoon Medallion24100
Polished DiamondPolished Diamond1665
Polished EmeraldPolished Emerald1250
Polished RubyPolished Ruby940
Polished SapphirePolished Sapphire1460
Quill and inkQuill and ink75350
Red Dragon Helm Of Life and ManaRed Dragon Helm Of Life and Mana903000
Ring of AnitoraRing of Anitora30130
Ring of BethelRing of Bethel34150
Ring of DamageRing of Damage26110
Ring of Desert PinesRing of Desert Pines2290
Ring of DisengagementRing of Disengagement27115
Ring of EgratiaRing of Egratia42190
Ring of Emerald ValleyRing of Emerald Valley60290
Ring of GlacmorRing of Glacmor58280
Ring of HuldaRing of Hulda48220
Ring of HurquinRing of Hurquin56270
Ring of IdaloranRing of Idaloran32140
Ring of Imbroglio IslandsRing of Imbroglio Islands54250
Ring of IrinveronRing of Irinveron46210
Ring of IscarlithRing of Iscarlith44200
Ring of Isla PrimaRing of Isla Prima1770
Ring of Isle of the ForgottenRing of Isle of the Forgotten52240
Ring of KusamuraRing of Kusamura40180
Ring of Mana DestructionRing of Mana Destruction49225
Ring of Massive Mana DestructionRing of Massive Mana Destruction57300
Ring of MelinisRing of Melinis39175
Ring of Morcraven MarshRing of Morcraven Marsh35100
Ring of NaralikRing of Naralik1980
Ring of Palon VertasRing of Palon Vertas38170
Ring of PortlandRing of Portland2185
Ring of PowerRing of Power40500
Ring of SedicolisRing of Sedicolis36160
Ring of SRMRing of SRM37165
Ring of TrassianRing of Trassian50230
Ring of Valley of the DwarvesRing of Valley of the Dwarves1875
Ring of White StoneRing of White Stone2082
Saving StoneSaving Stone651000
Silver MedallionSilver Medallion525
Silver RingSilver Ring318
Stars MedallionStars Medallion25105
Sun MedallionSun Medallion2395
Unicorn MedallionUnicorn Medallion2395
ItemRec LvlBase Exp