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All Mixable Items

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ItemRec LvlBase Exp
Augmented Leather ArmorAugmented Leather Armor1995
Augmented Leather PantsAugmented Leather Pants1785
Big Book of ManufacturingBig Book of Manufacturing100400
Black Dragon CuissesBlack Dragon Cuisses744400
Black Dragon GreaveBlack Dragon Greave724300
Black Dragon HelmBlack Dragon Helm764200
Black Dragon MailBlack Dragon Mail815500
Blue Dragon CuissesBlue Dragon Cuisses936200
Blue Dragon GreaveBlue Dragon Greave916000
Blue Dragon HelmBlue Dragon Helm977000
Blue Dragon MailBlue Dragon Mail957500
Blue Dragon ShieldBlue Dragon Shield946500
Blue dragon swordBlue dragon sword926100
Bronze CuissesBronze Cuisses633000
Bronze GreaveBronze Greave612500
Bronze HelmBronze Helm571200
Bronze Plate MailBronze Plate Mail643500
Bronze ShieldBronze Shield592000
Bronze SwordBronze Sword784500
Dragon BladeDragon Blade754000
Eagle WingEagle Wing483700
Emerald ClaymoreEmerald Claymore403000
Fox ScarfFox Scarf312
Frying PanFrying Pan27150
Fur BootsFur Boots1255
Fur CloakFur Cloak630
Fur HatFur Hat525
Fur PantsFur Pants20110
Fur TorsoFur Torso22140
Ice Dragon CuissesIce Dragon Cuisses805200
Ice Dragon GreaveIce Dragon Greave775000
Ice Dragon HelmIce Dragon Helm835000
Ice Dragon MailIce Dragon Mail876500
Iron AxeIron Axe40200
Iron Broad SwordIron Broad Sword22110
Iron Broad Sword of FireIron Broad Sword of Fire462500
Iron Broad Sword of IceIron Broad Sword of Ice472800
Iron Chain MailIron Chain Mail26130
Iron CuissesIron Cuisses30200
Iron GreaveIron Greave25180
Iron HelmIron Helm29142
Iron Plate MailIron Plate Mail40250
Iron ShieldIron Shield1680
Iron SwordIron Sword20100
Iron Sword of FireIron Sword of Fire452000
Jagged SaberJagged Saber524000
Leather BootsLeather Boots1050
Leather GlovesLeather Gloves840
Leather HelmLeather Helm1045
Leather PantsLeather Pants1260
Medallion MoldMedallion Mold1570
Mortar & PestleMortar & Pestle1780
Orc SlayerOrc Slayer463600
Padded Leather ArmorPadded Leather Armor1470
Raccoon hatRaccoon hat734
Radioactive RapierRadioactive Rapier896000
Radioactive Titanium Long SwordRadioactive Titanium Long Sword855000
Red Dragon CuissesRed Dragon Cuisses684000
Red Dragon GreaveRed Dragon Greave653700
Red Dragon HelmRed Dragon Helm704200
Red Dragon MailRed Dragon Mail734600
Ring MoldRing Mold1365
Skunk hatSkunk hat631
Steel AxeSteel Axe45240
Steel Chain MailSteel Chain Mail30150
Steel CuissesSteel Cuisses43900
Steel GreaveSteel Greave41700
Steel HelmSteel Helm471300
Steel Long SwordSteel Long Sword24120
Steel Long Sword of FireSteel Long Sword of Fire483000
Steel Long Sword of IceSteel Long Sword of Ice493200
Steel Long Sword of MagicSteel Long Sword of Magic503400
Steel Plate MailSteel Plate Mail602600
Steel ShieldSteel Shield1890
Steel Two Edged SwordSteel Two Edged Sword28140
Steel Two Edged Sword of FireSteel Two Edged Sword of Fire513600
Steel Two Edged Sword of IceSteel Two Edged Sword of Ice513600
Steel Two Edged Sword of MagicSteel Two Edged Sword of Magic523800
Steel Two Edged Sword of ThermalSteel Two Edged Sword of Thermal534000
Titanium AxeTitanium Axe491500
Titanium Chain MailTitanium Chain Mail36200
Titanium CuissesTitanium Cuisses582400
Titanium GreaveTitanium Greave562200
Titanium HelmTitanium Helm542000
Titanium Plate MailTitanium Plate Mail622800
Titanium Serpent SwordTitanium Serpent Sword38300
Titanium ShieldTitanium Shield451100
Titanium/Steel Alloy Long SwordTitanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword34180
Titanium/Steel Alloy Short SwordTitanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword32160
Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword of FireTitanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword of Fire644000
Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword of IceTitanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword of Ice674000
Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword of MagicTitanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword of Magic694200
Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword of ThermalTitanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword of Thermal704500
Vial MoldVial Mold311500
Warm Fur GlovesWarm Fur Gloves05
ItemRec LvlBase Exp